Happy New Year – Living our Divinity

As I walk upon the Earth, enjoying the opportunity of life here, I am in deep appreciation of this beautiful planet and the immense love that I know pours through us all in every moment and in all circumstances.

I hope you are in love with life today. I wish to remind you of how beautiful you are and to also remind you of how much you are loved at all times. If you are feeling disconnected in any way, it would be my honour to help you. From now until the 7th January, I am offering a FREE first connection to the ‘Ocean of Love’ healing frequencies as my gift to you.

The recent phase of empowerment leading up to the Solstice made a pathway for the new to begin being created in our lives as we entered into the energies of the new Solar Year. This phase helped many to release that which was no longer needed and bring cycles to a close. There has been such a lot of fear energy on the Earth this year and particularly in the past three months. I have spent a lot of time acting as a channel for spirit to clean the ethers wherever I have gone. Energy is always changing but it really does need transmuting if it is heavy, fear based  and prolonged. A prayer for peace is very powerful. Having worked as a healer for over twenty years, I am able to perceive the subtle energies of spirit and I know how a prayer said with true intent and reverence really does work if it is for the highest good, by anyone who asks. We have free will on Earth but higher help, healing and protection is always available when it is needed. A loving prayer is answered; not always in the way it is requested, but always for the highest good possible.

If you are new to the understanding of Being and Doing, please work with the ‘Ocean of Love’ healing frequencies to help you align with the deep peace that is within and in doing so, bring more peace to Earth. Begin with a mindful approach to all that you do while working with the healing energies, then your higher self will respond to your request to know more and begin to reveal and show you the joy, peace, simplicity and the truth of your Being. Once it is truly experienced, it is unlikely you will forget or want to return to doing anything without awareness and connection to your loving presence. It’s not something myself or anyone else can teach or give but an experienced mentor and powerful energetic tools can be really helpful to provide clarity or the healing of any blockages or stubborn negative patterns that may be prohibiting a deeper spiritual connection. If you feel I can help in any way, please email me. I know that spiritual awakening is here for everyone now.

Many people are searching for peace, some clutching onto old belief systems with the power hungry and ego driven among us still dancing the same old steps when there is a new dance, for the good of all, that they cannot yet perceive. So looking for peace in the outside world is not going to bring any real truth or clarity about life. The nearest reflection to truth outside of us is in nature; in the stillness, in the beauty and in the wonder.

To look and contemplate upon a rose is to know the truth of all creation.

Being is simply the way. There is no goal in our lives; the life journey lived within our Divine presence is the goal, permeating all that we give our time and attention to. To live aligned with our Divinity  is to live an awakened life filled with higher love, peace and joy. It is through presence, that we really change the world for our love is far reaching and deeply healing and yet, in our state of being, we feel no real need to change the world through any forceful action. True power is love and love knows the way. Our peace and higher love fills a room, a building, a community and this love is the catalyst for awakening others; to help them re-connect.

To receive free healing or spiritual guidance during the next week, please browse my website for more information about ‘Ocean of Love’ and send me an email to request a connection with your chosen number.

Wishing you a peaceful, healthy and love filled 2017.











Update on the ‘Ocean of Love’ Healing Portal

Thank you to all of you who are making connections, feedback has been very positive and uplifting.

The page on my website relating to the ‘Ocean of Love’ Healing Portal has been updated in response to your questions. To help others and for clarification, here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions so far.

Yes, an initial connection to the Portal is free of charge, giving everyone who resonates, an opportunity to benefit from some healing and experience an attunement.

After I make the connection for you and contact you by email, then you are in control of the process from that point. Some people have wished to experience the healing while they sleep, others while they meditate and some, as they go about their daily business. There is no wrong or right way.

People have aligned with the healing energies from half an hour to up to forty-eight hours, depending on their situation. Once you make a decision to disconnect, then that is the end of the connection to the Portal energies.

If you wish to work with the healing frequencies again in another session, even with the same number or numbers, then a new connection to the Portal must be made. There are two reasons for this:

1.What you were working on in the first connection to the Portal has received the precise healing frequency it needed at that time, however long you connected for.

2. As you heal and transform, the energy connection changes with each attunement.

After the first free attunement, further connections to the Portal are charged at £25 per session, payable through my website.

Thank you for connecting and sharing.












A Note on Expectation

When I first began channelling in the 1990’s, my energy system was not strong enough to hold higher frequencies for long periods of time and I would temporarily lose consciousness. As I strengthened I would remain awake but I was unable to recall all the details so a witness would kindly write the information or record me speaking and I would listen to it afterwards. It would seem to speed through me at a rate that was faster than my mind could comprehend but my voice would somehow sound the right words. Often the teachings were for me as well as others and I learned to trust and follow the guidance given, learn from it and teach it. Now after two decades and much integration of higher dimensional frequencies, I am not separate from my higher dimensional self.

Universal energies are very supportive, fine and fast flowing since the recent New Moon. Being uplifted into a place of greater clarity and flow often means action is taken quickly and maybe even hastily. This is a moment to bathe in the Light which is embracing us and rest for a while as we integrate the new frequencies. I hope the following guidance will provide a greater understanding of divine timing for all those seeking action for the greater good or provide support for anyone who is dealing with disappointment of any kind. Changing the mind’s perception from one of limitation to one of abundance will greatly help with alignment with this new energy and all that is meant for you will be with you.

The information that follows is through the energetic frequency of ‘Anu,’ guidance which has been with me since my mid-twenties. Anu has taught me many things of an esoteric nature; about energy and higher reality. This guidance was given to me some years ago; it helped me greatly when I needed solace and understanding in a difficult life situation. I eventually aligned with the guidance and it was indeed transformational.

At the time of this channelling, my own understandings were different in many ways and I was challenged by this information. If we expected nothing then what was the point of trying; things seemed futile to me. My own struggle eventually faded as I accepted the higher truth offered. Having no expectation does not mean that we should take no action; it means stepping out of ego and taking the right action at the right time, through love. Now after much practice, I have a greater acceptance of situations. I have an idealistic nature so I still seek to change things for the better but only through alignment with my inner guidance as to what I can change. Energy flows correctly and is in alignment with higher truth when I release a mind expectation of how I think things should be or how I think things should pan out. I accept what is while aligning with the highest outcome for all and I take divinely timed action. This is the place where many miracles occur for myself and others.



“People who suffer great emotional and mental turmoil through disappointment are learning a valuable lesson. Those who suffer disappointment are being challenged by their own expectations.

When there is great expectation, there is always the possibility of great disappointment. All conditions can be improved or changed but not always in the way that is understood by an individual who may limit the outcomes that are possible if they hold a rigid mindset. With this knowing, let go of expectation through the mind as this encourages a fear of failure. Knowing through the heart and trust in spirit is essential. If an attempt to improve circumstances appears to fail, a different approach can be taken with determination, courage and faith. In most instances, a change of perception is all that is required.

When many things have been tried and one is weary, then this is a life experience where great learning is taking place and there is a possibility for awakening or deeper awakening. Much is revealed about a human personality in such circumstances. Never give up; learn, try again if appropriate and remain strong in spirit. Be open to the change that is trying to enter one’s life through challenge. Surrender and allow the change; allow awakening.

The ending of circumstances offers a transition into higher knowing. The more challenging the experience, then often the greater opportunity has been created by the Soul and the personality for deeper transformation. Spiritual transformations occur more readily now without the necessity of demise of the physical body and often with a strengthening of the body occurring as a consequence. A great choice was made by many old Souls to be present in the physical form at this time, holding higher frequencies, for humanity and Earth’s ascension.

When an individual understands that they are perfect, they do not need to look to the outside world for validation as other people’s perceptions cannot alter the truth and awareness of their own flawless nature. Enlightenment is an inner journey to understand and know this perfection. Improvement of conditions often occurs as a natural consequence of awakening. Access to deeper truth continues as Earth life continues.

To be free of struggle, know your Divinity. Remain a passive observer of outer conditions. Respond kindly to others. Reflect to others more of their own true nature, especially when they have forgotten. Spread your wings like the dove and soar with peace.

All Earthly conditions and experiences hold a possibility for improvement through alignment with higher truth. It is then through God awareness, that this understanding is reached; there is nothing to improve as all is perfect.


Ocean of Love – Healing

The ‘Ocean of Love’ divination and healing stones came into being on 8th of August 2015 in North Wales, during a retreat on the mystical isle of Anglesey. I have a deep spiritual connection with Ynys Mon and have worked with Earth energy at its many sacred sites; clearing, healing and activating ley lines on many occasions over the past twenty years.

We are all portals of consciousness and I believe we incarnate with the ability to access other spiritual gateways when it is divinely timed for us to do so.

Aligning with the New Moon energies and the energies of the 88 Stargate portal, I opened deeply into the Earth consciousness. As far as I have been able to ascertain there are seven levels of Earth consciousness. As a light bearer I can connect with and channel Earth and Universal energies; co-creating, holding and grounding portals of energy through my own consciousness. This I usually do to help Mother Earth, to balance her and create stability in areas where there has been trauma or negativity. When I opened to guidance, I understood that this healing portal was a gift for healing both humans and the Earth. I was quickly given the structure and higher dimensional aspects. Although, the healing frequencies were channelled through me, the stones now hold the energies and I can step in and out of the frequency strands as need be, to connect others or to help the Earth.

Each stone is attuned to and resonates with a higher dimensional frequency which is held and grounded within deep Earth energies. Holding a stone quickly balances the mind, energy system and emotions. The healing energy neutralizes excess energy and also increases energy if needed, bringing balance.

Healing always works on some level but sometimes patterns can be repeated if they are not fully understood and let go of. It is helpful for us to understand what we are working on, knowing that we are being helped and are in a position to help ourselves. ‘Ocean of Love’ stones can help you understand your healing process through the key words on each stone. So far, the healing energies have brought an easier transmutation process to those who work with them, with a permanent release of some fear patterns.

There are 33 ‘Ocean of Love’ stones and I am offering a ‘one stone’ healing, free of charge.

If you wish to work with the energies of ‘Ocean of Love’, then please send me an email with your chosen number between 1 and 33. I will reply with the word written on your chosen stone and the colour frequency. Receipt of my email will connect you to the corresponding healing attunement when you are ready.

You are in charge of this process at all times. If you are new to working with energy and light, then the following affirmations may be useful to work with.

When you wish to begin working with the healing energy, affirm “I now receive the energy of my chosen ‘Ocean of Love’ healing frequencies. I receive this attunement for my highest good and wellbeing.”

When you wish to stop working with the healing energy, affirm “I now end my connection to the Ocean of Love healing frequencies.”

You can connect for as long as you feel you need to. If you wish to make another connection to the healing portal, please send me a further email with your chosen number between 1 and 33. Subsequent connections will be charged at £25 per connection. Your contact details are completely confidential and will not be used for any other purpose.

Email …  mail@jacquelinenicoll.com



August is a mighty month for change; the energy is high and supportive, from magical cosmic gateways to the simple loving touch of the summer sun on our skin.

I have just spent two weeks with my family retreating by the sea on the island of Anglesey in north Wales. I first visited Wales as a child and have re-visited many times throughout my life. I find the Earth consciousness there truly amazing and magical. I timed this getaway with the cosmic portals that were opening in August to help me create but also to rest and rejuvenate.

One afternoon I received a beautiful gift from the Earth to share with others. I was sitting on a beach in the sunshine, bathing in the wonderful new moon energies, and I picked up a small stone which was lying by my side. It was unusually smooth and flat. I held the stone while looking out to sea, in meditation. Then I saw another similar looking stone lying amongst the many different shapes and sizes. I put them in my pocket and began to walk the beach, searching, but I found only two more. When I returned to where I had been sitting, I saw that the area around my beach towel was strewn with many small flat smooth stones. I collected thirty or so and smiled when my guidance brought information for their use as stones for divination and healing. It was a happy reminder too that sometimes we don’t have to go searching; what we need is well within our reach. I had already intuitively placed myself exactly where I needed to be in order to receive this gift.

I took out my pen and notebook and continued channelling. In about fifteen minutes I was given the full structure and energy of the divination stones and how they could be used simply or in a multi-level way to align with elemental energy and to receive guidance and blessings. This was a beautiful unexpected gift during an unforgettable retreat in magical Wales. I am filled with gratitude.

Please take time for any changes you need to make this month; the Universe is highly supportive. Life is about change and sometimes we have to make difficult choices. If they are the choices which steer us away or help build stronger boundaries from the ego world which is one of separation and limitation, to be with our own truth and light, then this is the path we must take. Spirit always supports improvement. Truth brings strength and integrity. Truth is freedom.

May you be blessed with the love you truly deserve and the conditions that embrace who you really are. May these August energies bring you wonderful transformation and abundance.


Free connection to the ‘Ocean of Love’ Healing Portal http://www.jacquelinenicoll.com/page9.htm

How are you feeling?

The recent eclipses and cosmic alignments have bathed us in the most powerful energy we have been within since the December 2012 gateway. It is beautiful, supportive and uplifting energy but for some people, the intensity of light is causing emotional and/or physical imbalance through rapid processing, sudden outer changes and inner transformations.

The last time I witnessed a solar eclipse of such magnitude was in August 1999. I remember it very well. I was heavily pregnant and extremely sensitive to its energy. I was in the town of Warwick and the eclipse was breathtaking to witness and feel. It brought powerful change and marked the beginning of the higher frequencies which built the energy that lead up to 2012. I truly understand how life can suddenly change and turn your world upside down as less than two months after that eclipse, I lost my baby son at birth. It was a beginning within an ending which opened up my spiritual gifts to a new level.

Eclipses can draw attention to any misalignment we have with our soul purpose, with our guidance and with divine timing in our lives. Once aligned with our higher consciousness and our own guidance, moon phases and eclipses are rarely felt because there is continual connection with universal flow through us and around us. The universe never disconnects itself from anyone as we are constantly bathed in love but through ego desires or negative conditions and challenges, a person can lose connection to their own light, guidance, sense of purpose, higher perspective and inner joy.

If you are suffering from a loss of relationship, health, job, or anything that is causing you to feel less than your true self at this time, then please do give me a call. I have worked as an intuitive energy therapist and healer for nearly 20 years and by simply being within my voice vibration during a telephone consultation, you will be aligned with the healing energy, guidance and Divine Love that I channel. You will be attuned to a higher frequency that matches your own true nature allowing recovery and peace to be restored.

I also offer an Essence to work with from the range of Soul Light Essences to give ongoing support. Soul Light Essences were given their name by spirit as they bring every person who works with them into alignment with their own soul’s vibration, their own light and authentic soul patterns. They rebalance and uplift which restores inner peace and higher purpose. Soul Light Essences are a gift from spirit and it is an honour to bring them to the world.

Read more about Soul Light Essences … http://www.jacquelinenicoll.com/page13.htm

Further information about one-to-one consultations … http://www.jacquelinenicoll.com/page12.htm

Contact me … http://www.jacquelinenicoll.com/page24.htm

Earth Star Chakra

The Earth Star Chakra is located just below the feet and connects us to Mother Earth, aligning us with her core. The Earth Star Chakra grounds and energises our energy system but requires clearance of emotional issues to fully open and function properly. When we are connected deeply to the Earth’s core, our energy field becomes stronger and is able to withstand and integrate the Light transmissions being sent to us from Source in order to raise our frequencies. We are also afforded more protection from outside influences when the energy system is strong.

Earth Star Essence is an energetic tool which works with the Higher Self to bring a complete opening of this important Chakra by re-patterning old fear energies. This allows Light and Spirit to be fully present and grounded on Earth, resulting in greater clarity and strength of purpose.

As the higher frequencies present in Earth Star Essence help to cleanse energetic blocks, this brings balance to the energy flow throughout the body, giving more vitality.

Each bottle of Essence is individually attuned and will work uniquely at a speed determined by the Higher Self.

Our Mother Earth needs as many people as possible to remember their divinity and life’s purpose within the unfolding Universal plan. This small bottle of Essence provides a big step towards that remembrance.

Earth Star Essence Signature ~ You are more than you ever imagined!

Effective for:

* Grounding

* Deepening connection to Mother Earth

* Opening awareness to Elemental energies

* Aligning with Divine Purpose

* Reframing the past

* Strengthening the body and energy system

Place 2 or 3 drops directly on the tongue or in a glass of water 3 times per day or as intuitively guided. A couple of drops placed on the wrists gives an instant energy boost.

For more information about Soul Light Essences http://www.jacquelinenicoll.com/page13.htm

Solar Eclipse – Endings and Beginnings

The recent solar eclipse was a powerful instigator of change. With Piscean energy of such magnitude, an awareness of truth beyond normal understanding often occurs, and with it, a psychic opening and liberation of sorts. But within this energy, we may also question what we know as things change within. What is illusion? What is truth? The eclipse has brought some significant endings which lie in deeply rooted misconceptions within the psyche and minds of humanity. This is a time of paradox and illumination.

The continual shedding of the old through rapid transformation has caused a whirlwind dance with oneness. We sometimes struggle to keep aligned with our individual and collective destiny through the intensity. But this rapid transformation has also brought greater capacity for more and more people to find a deeper understanding of spirit and to make choices through the power of love. We are all connected and what we create, we create for all. As we embody more of our higher wisdom and consciousness, our vibration and authentic presence touches all.

Within the confines of time and space, there is also the experience of timelessness. It is accessible through our higher consciousness; an awareness which is free from all spiritual prejudice, hierarchy or initiation. We have always been whole in this physical form; vibrating at a frequency needed for an earth realm existence, but whole and perfect nonetheless. The Universe loudly proclaims, ‘I wish for you what you wish for yourself as we are one.’ In the deepest parts of our hearts, the desire is and has always been the same; to recognise our wholeness and perfection in physical form. The Universe lovingly responds to the truth of our hearts, bringing all the opportunities and choices to make this desire possible.

We can confidently spring into spring (or autumn) with this beautiful uplifting energy and the feeling of a soul satisfying sense of completion. Collectively we have reached a time of deeper recognition of our wholeness. This is being experienced by more and more people as an acceleration of an opening to spirit. For the minority who are already aligned with the pulse of their heart; the rhythm that beats in time with the Universe, a profound and lasting spiritual joy and deep love is constantly present now.

The Alpha and the Omega dance at a point of completion within the cosmos. The heavens sing the first notes of a new cycle, rich with positive growth and opportunity. Here in the northern hemisphere, the earth is awakening. Soil that has been richly cultivated and lovingly cared for is beginning to show signs of new life bursting from within its vast hidden potential. Similar to our own spiritual growth, given optimum growing conditions, everything is possible.

Love and authenticity create deep peace within and love is the solid foundation upon which we can grow, learn, create and reach our highest potential.

A New Year of Stability

My New Year celebrations began on the Winter Solstice. The morning after, I awoke to the beautiful celebratory singing of birds in the trees outside my bedroom window; it truly sounded like the arrival of spring instead of winter. This continued for the next four mornings as they sang with the rising of the sun, celebrating the new energies.

At the beginning of 2014, I channelled the message that it was a year to receive. Absolutely this has been case, but people had to be open to receive for their highest good. When ego and fears run the show, it is harder to receive the gifts which await. These wonderful energies are still supporting us although they have changed to energies of stability; stabilizing all the new which has been created for our highest good and for the Earth.

Our greatness is reflected in a life lived in joy but our greatness also lies in our challenges; in our ability to meet adversity head-on; in our courage to show up; and in our faith to know that all is sacred, no matter what. We are each just one small grain of sand and yet each grain of sand is unique and important. All together, with similar vision and an understanding of oneness, what wonders we can create? If we were to look upon humanity as a beach where the sun shines brightly, we would see many millions of grains which reflect golden light and catch the eye. Even if all the grains of sand around you seem dull and lacklustre, there is a spark within each one that is waiting to meet with your light and to be uplifted by your magnificence right now.

The new energies pouring through us bring powerful stability for 2015. Be open to stabilizing that which is for your highest good, receive through your Divine Feminine nature, and shine magnificently for the good of all.

Wishing you a very happy and peaceful 2015.

Love and blessings

Solstice Reflections and Spiritual Enlightenment

As we move towards the Solstice, the energies help us release some of that which is no longer needed for our growth or wellbeing and there is an increase in the rate that we process this cleansing depending on who we are and what is happening on our path. It is empowering. We make way naturally for the new to be created in our lives as we enter into a new solar year.

Although many people are disconnected from the Earth and her cycles, this does not stop the Earth’s connection to humanity. Our souls would not be able to embrace the opportunity of a physical existence without the Earth and we are tied into her movements and cycles throughout our incarnation. In the northern hemisphere, during the weeks which move us towards the darkest part of the year, our bodies naturally need to rest more and our minds turn to reflection and quietness.

The celebration of Jesus’ birth is a wonderful opportunity to reflect and give gratitude but perhaps not to the excess in which it is celebrated by a lot of people. Instead of naturally slowing down the pace of life, relaxing more and reflecting; many people tend to rush about, become stressed and displace themselves from the natural movements going on within and without. This reveals one of the patterns of separation between spiritual and everyday life for many people. Those who are disconnected often feel the new energy on the 1st January because there is a tendency to allow the calendar year to dictate an opening to the new. It is now at Solstice time that we have an opportunity to make a deep connection to Mother Earth and to celebrate being human as well as being of spirit. All moments are moments to love and at Solstice, we have an opportunity to connect and offer love to our Earth and all who live upon her.

On the Winter Solstice last year I co-created Enlightenment Essence as the final Essence in the range of Soul Light Essences. It was extraordinary how this Essence came into being. Two months earlier, during a visit to a housebound client, I became aware in my inner vision of a large crystal I have in my home which is linked to the angelic realms. I take other crystals with me on client visits but not this particular one as it stands on my altar. As I connected to the crystal, I brought through healing information for my client but I also knew I needed to meditate further with it. On my return home, I sat and meditated. I was given a picture of a small crystal which looked very much like a piece of my Selenite and yet I knew it wasn’t. A name came to me and I immediately researched the crystal. Its name is Satyaloka and it is only available in one place in the world ~ the area around the sacred Satyaloka Monastery in Southern India. I ordered a small piece from a reputable seller.

I worked with the crystal for a couple of months and became familiar with its vibration. I was then guided to co-create Enlightenment Essence with the Satyaloka crystal within a grid of clear quartz crystals, on Solstice, so it would also receive the incoming energies. I usually make Essences available within a couple of months of co-creation but with this particular one, myself and some close friends decided to work with it intermittently throughout this year in order to understand its gifts over a longer time period.

Enlightenment means truth and this Essence simply brings truth into awareness. Sometimes, this does not always seem like a positive experience. Often, we live our lives with a familiar focus, based on what we have learned from our parents, our friends, trusted teachers and also our focus is dependent on where we live and what our religious or spiritual path is; if there is one at all. Satyaloka dissolves some of what we thought we knew as truth which can cause a little inner conflict if a pattern or thought has been rigidly enforced. That being said, there is enormous relief when something or someone leaves our lives, due to inner transformation, that was keeping us from a life lived in greater love and higher potential and this is the beauty of this Essence and the energy of Satyaloka crystal. Its name means ‘place of truth’ and it carries the pure spiritual energies of white light. It works with the crown chakra, keeps it clear and enhances communication with spirit.

Spiritual transformation is not always easy but I do firmly believe that each and every person has an innate spiritual inner strength and courage to draw upon, when needed. Change is constant and love is constant within change. Sometimes though, it is beneficial to use a spiritual tool to support, uplift and keep us on our highest path when transformation is quick or seemingly relentless. Enlightenment Essence does this. It is not an oracle but if you do have a gift of clairvoyance as I do, then this gift will be enhanced, by using this Essence. The Essence brings crystal clear clarity and easy movement without a need to deliberate over decisions. There is just clear knowing.

Working with truth at the highest level brings us into alignment with synchronistic events and since working with this Essence I have met and worked with an extraordinary healer and psychic surgeon who shares my understandings of karma. He trance channels the consciousness of a spiritual teacher who walked the Earth at the time of Jesus. He is well known and has helped thousands of people to wellness. When truth arises, there is no way of denying it within and it is quickly validated in the outer world. Spirit works with us synchronistically to ensure we move forward and the Universe conspires to bring confirmation continually so we stay aligned with that new truth and help enlighten others also. Truth is liberating and evolutionary on many levels.

Satyaloka’s vibration is far reaching; it carries pure spiritual energies given to us by the Earth and heavenly realms. Co-creating an Essence makes the crystal’s vibration more readily available to the energy system and enhances the crystal’s qualities.

If you are interested in working with Enlightenment Essence, then please send me an email at mail@jacquelinenicoll.com All Essences in the Soul Light range are priced at £15 per bottle and last for about one month.

Solstice Love and Christmas Blessings

Soul Light Essences … http://www.mrsite.co.uk/usersitesv30/100570.mrsite.com/wwwroot/page12.htm