Solstice Sun and Super Moon

The Summer Solstice gives us opportunity to reflect and celebrate on all that has been accomplished during the first half of the year.

It is deeply enriching to connect to the energy of Solstice ~ to meditate, reflect and give thanks to the Earth for her love and support.  Without her we could not make this journey.  The Goddess is at the height of her power and fertility at this time supporting all our love-filled creative expressions.

Shortly after Solstice on 23rd June, we will witness a Super Moon, the only one occurring in 2013.  The moon will be at its closest position to the Earth and it will appear larger and bright in the sky.

The full moon is in Capricorn opposite the sun in Cancer, a beautiful combination, highlighting family and home issues.  Paying attention and being aware of all the new understandings that have risen since the Gemini new moon’s influence on our higher mind is important at this time. We are supported to leave the situations that we have outgrown, to bring chapters to a close and to let go.

This new awareness of life is assisting everyone to make positive changes and the Universe is pushing many to own their gifts and talents and put them out into the world with joyous open hearts ~ to take responsibility for individual evolution. Capricorn is a sign of perseverence bringing the energy needed to support our endeavours through our commitment to truth and authenticity.

This powerful moon is dancing in harmony with the energy of the Solstice sun, illuminating and supporting the letting go process, as we honour our new-found wisdom and celebrate this special time.

On the evening of the full moon I am hosting a Gathering in the Light of the Emerald Heart ~ a Light brought to Earth to assist the evolution of consciousness.  If you would like to find out more or make a long-distance connection to the Gathering, please click on the link below for further details.

Magnetic Love


Earth Star Essence is an energetic tool to assist and balance the whole system during times of transformation. The powerful eclipse period and planetary alignments of April/May, together with solar flare activity, caused energetic and physical disturbance in many people.

A solar flare is caused by a build-up of energy around sunspots which release massive amounts of energy into space. The photon energy from solar flare activity affects us at a cellular level as each flare carries a high vibration which then brings to the surface any lower vibrational energy to be cleared.  Scientists now know that after a major solar flare the Earth responds with an increase in earthquake and volcanic activity.

A lot of solar flare activity can cause tiredness, agitation, physical pain, headaches and they can also affect the nervous system. Plenty of rest and an increase of fluids can help to alleviate symptoms.  An increase in vitamins, particularly vitamin B complex and Omega 3 is recommended to support the brain and nervous system.

Earth Star Essence assists during times of transformation that are energetically and emotionally challenging.  It strengthens, protects, grounds and supports the body through stressful conditions and illness.  This Essence brings clarity, increased vitality and sense of purpose.

The waves of Light that embrace us are here to transform what is no longer needed for the new Earth. Change is happening so rapidly that our lives are growing in surprising and unexpected ways. Earth Star Essence helps facilitate peaceful integration and connects us deeply to the nurturing energy of Mother Earth.

Click on this link for further information

Fairy Blessings


I work closely with crystals and the elemental kingdom providing Crystal Attunements for my clients to assist healing and bring them guidance.  The elemental realms are rich with wonder, delight, joy and a source of such endearing love and inspiration. Their wisdom is bountiful and they are on hand to help all.

I love to be outside in nature embraced by the loving energies that support us but recently I needed to rest indoors while recovering from a virus.  I connected to the elementals through the vibration of a Fairy Quartz crystal.  I lay down with the crystal and aligned myself to the crystal’s energies and the Oversoul of the crystal provided a Healing Attunement for me which was beautiful and uplifting.

The vibration of the Crystal Attunement began tingling through my body and aura, embracing me in waves of warmth and love, similar to the sensations felt during a Reiki treatment.  As the residual negativity was cleared away I realised how much my inner joy had been diminished because of tiredness caused by the virus.  My playful self soon returned and I was again centred in joy.  I am grateful for the guidance received and healing bestowed.

We only have to ask for the help we need and the Light realms will assist us.

To receive a Crystal Attunement, Soul to Soul reading or Distant Healing, please see

New Moon in Gemini

Hopefully you have come through the challenging and intense eclipse period of May empowered by your truth and faith despite any challenges that arose. Inner strength is always needed to adapt to the changes that happen when we have the courage to look deep within but truth always leads us forward, even when circumstances do not appear beneficial. Non-resistance is the key to Divine flow. Knowing that all is well from a higher perspective, the perspective of love, brings the necessary detachment to any drama that circles our lives offering us a more peaceful way forward.

May’s powerful energy brought up patterns of tension within physicality for many people. Having a conscious awareness of the energies which affect us helps us to be pro-active through our transformations instead of taking on an unconscious reactive stance. Our boundaries are naturally strengthened through our wisdom as we surf the waves of love. The light bathing us during May revealed old energy patterning which needed to be understood and dissolved, bringing us towards deeper balance.

With such a lot going on under the surface, trust in self continues to be a big theme as we go into June. The energies flowing through us have already changed in the past three days and now have a more nurturing intuitive flow ~ fast, fine, subtle and uplifting. We have a water sign Grand Trine in Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer which brings with it great opportunity to connect with our emotions and intuition in a positive way. A Grand Trine is when three planets form a ‘trine’ or third of a circle (120 degrees) aspect with each other. So much can be created out of these new levels of awareness and this supportive wave of energy is also assisting the divine feminine aspects of our being. Inspired action is needed to make things happen but what wonderful things can occur when right action is taken.

The new moon on 8th June at 15.44 GMT is in Gemini, bringing focus to the higher mind and purpose, encouraging us to be receptive to new information and also share our own wisdom to help uplift and guide others. All empowered interaction is supported. As the moon guides the Earth’s tides, she is also helping us to feel deeply with her energy and be guided through our feelings to trust ourselves implicitly in this new lunar cycle. The new moon brings positive energy for communication and an opportunity to express our deeper emotions in a creative way that supports our purpose.

May the moon dance her way into your heart and mind to reflect your magnificence and beauty.