Solstice Sun and Super Moon

The Summer Solstice gives us opportunity to reflect and celebrate on all that has been accomplished during the first half of the year.

It is deeply enriching to connect to the energy of Solstice ~ to meditate, reflect and give thanks to the Earth for her love and support.  Without her we could not make this journey.  The Goddess is at the height of her power and fertility at this time supporting all our love-filled creative expressions.

Shortly after Solstice on 23rd June, we will witness a Super Moon, the only one occurring in 2013.  The moon will be at its closest position to the Earth and it will appear larger and bright in the sky.

The full moon is in Capricorn opposite the sun in Cancer, a beautiful combination, highlighting family and home issues.  Paying attention and being aware of all the new understandings that have risen since the Gemini new moon’s influence on our higher mind is important at this time. We are supported to leave the situations that we have outgrown, to bring chapters to a close and to let go.

This new awareness of life is assisting everyone to make positive changes and the Universe is pushing many to own their gifts and talents and put them out into the world with joyous open hearts ~ to take responsibility for individual evolution. Capricorn is a sign of perseverence bringing the energy needed to support our endeavours through our commitment to truth and authenticity.

This powerful moon is dancing in harmony with the energy of the Solstice sun, illuminating and supporting the letting go process, as we honour our new-found wisdom and celebrate this special time.

On the evening of the full moon I am hosting a Gathering in the Light of the Emerald Heart ~ a Light brought to Earth to assist the evolution of consciousness.  If you would like to find out more or make a long-distance connection to the Gathering, please click on the link below for further details.

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