Aquarian Magic

This was an interesting and challenging full moon, bathing us in Aquarian magic and the courage of Leo.

22nd July was the hottest day of the year so far in the UK and the air was filled with a hot electric buzz.  As I write, there is thunder in the skies.  This lunation caused an inner compression as unexpressed feelings, thoughts and fears bubbled to the surface for many people.  A wonderful opportunity was given to express ourselves creatively and use the power held within this compression energy for positive momentum in the days preceding the full moon. There was so much potential for acceleration of the awakening process and for us to shine Light into the world creatively, which many did.

With this energy I also witnessed an increase in agitation among some clients, many with despondency and a resistance to accept change.  The Universe brought lessons in accountability for choices and actions which then gave rise to opportunity for healing and growth.  This is the other side of the coin when magic of this kind is afoot. We have choices but the energies of compression can seem to dampen our awareness of the wiser choice, with stirred emotions affecting the rational mind at times. Forgiveness and acceptance was the gift offered during this lunation if harnessing the energy for positive change was out of reach.  Patience walks hand-in-hand with forgiveness.

Everything changes.  We are living in an ocean of constantly moving energy.  It is full of wonder, potential and opportunity.  The Universe is Love and Love resides within everything.  It is this Love at our core that accelerates our spiritual evolution as the Universe changes.

Along with the powerful opportunity to shine Light into our communities and the world at large, this lunation also revealed where we are still limiting ourselves and where there is resistance to change.  What an amazing time to be walking on this Earth and what wonderful opportunities we have to evolve!

Peace be with you in the aftermath of this full moon.  Blessings be on all your choices, may they originate from Love.

Make Grounding A Priority

I searched for many years for answers and remedies for my own intermittent symptoms of being ungrounded which ranged from light-headedness and dizziness to succumbing to small accidents and anxiety.  I live close to the Earth and spend as much time as possible in nature so I knew there had to be deeper reasons.

As a healer, I worked with Divine guidance to co-create an Essence to help alleviate the symptoms and heal the cause. The results were so life-changing and life-enhancing that Earth Star Essence has gone on to help many people to strengthen their energy body and align with their purpose.  It is now one of the best sellers among the Soul Light Essences range.

Taking positive action to alleviate symptoms such as guided visualisations, exercise and being in nature are beneficial. However, the major cause of being ungrounded are old energy patterns which most of the time run under the surface of our awareness but require healing for deeper and more substantial grounding to take place. Earth Star Essence is an energetic tool which helps to heal the root cause.

Working with Earth Star Essence and the Earth Star Chakra, which is the Chakra that is located just beneath the feet, helps to heal and re-pattern these old fear energies.  This Essence works with the Higher Self to bring a complete opening of this important Chakra allowing Light and Spirit to be fully present on Earth resulting in greater clarity and strength of purpose.

Mother Earth needs more and more people to remember their divinity and life’s purpose within the unfolding Universal plan and grounding of Spirit is an important step in this process.

The Essence’s Signature ~ You are more than you ever imagined!


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Soul Of The Rose


A rose is perfect beauty. Its petals are bound together by love and higher purpose. A rose speaks to us about the joy of being.

Nature teaches as we work with her revealing truth and wisdom. Through her cycles, she reflects our sacred place in eternity. Nature is also the greatest healer. She pours out her love to us constantly and unconditionally.

I began to co-create Essences with nature and spirit after a vision journey which opened my awareness to nature spirits and I am continually guided. By grace I am able to connect with nature in many forms; through flowers, trees, water and crystals to co-create Essences which facilitate healing and transformation.

Edward Bach created his remedies after he learned to work with the signature energy of trees to bring harmony and strength to the vibrational counterpart of the body. The aura is where the first signs of disease are to be found and if imbalances are identified and dealt with at an energetic level, then the body and mind will more easily remain healthy and balanced.

Soul Star Essence was co-created with the beautiful energy of magenta roses and a Selenite crystal. The magenta rose brings higher love through its colour vibration and the soul signature of the rose itself. The Selentite crystal resonates with the Soul Star chakra and angelic realms bringing healing and inner tuition.

This Essence works at a deep level reminding you of your inner beauty and love. It instils confidence through its healing action and shifts awareness to a higher level.

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