Ron Scolastico

I was saddened to hear the news about Ron Scolastico’s serious illness.  Ron is an eminent Transpersonal Psychologist and spiritual teacher.  He has been the voice of ‘The Guides’ for decades, Universal wisdom that has helped over twenty thousand people awaken to their spiritual journey and find answers to life’s challenges.

I am fortunate to have had one reading with Ron which was an experience that will stay with me always. His ability to enter a deep state of consciousness and connect to wisdom outside awareness is breathtaking to experience, love-filled and enlightening.  Ron’s knowledge of the Christ force and our eternal nature is unlike any I have encountered and I am grateful to have received an attunement through him to assist my own work as a spiritual guide and healer.

My prayers go to Ron, his wife Susan and their family over these coming weeks as Ron makes his transition to a new realm. God Bless.

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Radiant Blue Moon

I sat by a sacred portal this afternoon bathing in the light of a powerful bridge between Heaven and Earth feeling deeply into the energies of this upcoming full moon on 21st at  01.50 GMT.

This is a full moon of plenty, a radiant Blue Moon in Aquarius/Leo.  Again, like July’s moon, vast creative forces are at hand. Humanity is barely scratching the surface of the truth and many people are ‘pregnant’ with knowledge and gifts that are ready to manifest onto the Earth to assist personal and planetary evolution.  This is a potent time for creation.  Having said that, for many who have been working selflessly for a long time to bring more Light onto the Earth plane, this moon reveals an energy that I have been aware of for a few months.  We are only a month away from the Equinox and there is emphasis on balancing individual needs with the collective need.  This moon offers an opportunity for reflection and adjustment.

It is wonderful to see the large amount of butterflies present this summer reflecting the many deep transformations taking place.  August brings heightened connections to the energies of the Dog Star, through Star Gate 88, to Sirian activation and influence so powerfully transformative that you may just have been wondering why how what you did yesterday felt so perfectly in alignment but today it feels somewhat misaligned, temporarily questioning identity and purpose.  Little sleep and some disorientation as layers of old emotional energy rise and dissolve can be unsettling.  A big shake up indeed but all change when embraced with a positive attitude can bring unexpected illumination and an evolutionary leap.  Release what no longer serves with a grateful heart and work with the exuberant creative energy and magic that is here now.

Leo addresses Love and Will and the inherent gifts of kindness and generosity that we each possess. Miracles happen when kindness is present.  Leo reminds us to follow our heart as all the answers lie within.

With Love and Blessings