Your Heart is the Master

Can you feel the wave of Love touching every cell of your body and mind, revealing more of who you really are, allowing miracles to flow through you?

Just prior to the recent Equinox the Universe began to turn up the volume again, embracing us with as much Love as we are willing to receive.  All that is required to align with these higher frequencies is to simply receive them.  Be in the present moment.  If there is resistance to your true magnificence at any level, then riding the waves of Love can be a little uncomfortable and some may feel this to be a period of chaos as inner pressures build but this is just a reminder to let go. This supportive energy is aligning you with truth.  Remember that you are not your life situations, you are life itself, eternal and whole.  Simply BE and allow Love.

Your Heart is the Master.

This morning’s sacred poetry through my heart:


a billion stars reflect

the jewel of the heart

resounding eternal joy

Equinox Celebration

With the Full Moon in Pisces on 19th September and the energies of the upcoming Equinox at the weekend, we are undergoing deep processing this week that is bringing profound insight and truth, revealing answers to questions we have been waiting to hear for some time.  Honouring the truth revealed means having the courage to step away from the outdated and we are then fully honouring our Divinity and purpose.  The Equinox portal is extremely powerful and this building energy is asking us to step out of the comfort zone, to reach firm decisions and take action.  There are many hidden gifts within this energy.

Equinox marks the time of equal daylight and night-time hours and the true beginning of Autumn in the northern hemishphere and Spring in the southern hemisphere.  It’s a time to rejoice outdoors in nature, to give thanks for the passing season and to meditate on bringing greater stability and balance into our lives.

As I walked through a beautiful castle garden last weekend, I could feel the Fairies wishing to connect.  I was drawn to sit near a bright yellow Rudbeckia plant.  The energy was one of celebration and joy.  They celebrate each seasonal cycle as equal, there is no loss for them at the dying away of the flowers and leaves at the end of Summer.  There is just simply change, celebration and a new beginning.  Each seasonal cycle is honoured for its unique qualities and gifts.

The Fairies’ message for Autumn is ‘dare to dream.’  Humanity is slowly reclaiming its innate ability to work with Mother Earth and the powerful Equinox portal energies usher in the next stage of our new way of being and living on the Earth.

I will be in the Emerald Isle during this Full Moon, connecting with the rich Irish Earth energy, celebrating with others in co-creation and co-operation with the Earth Mother.

Wishing you all Equinox Love and Blessings.

Born To Love Frogs

Parents are becoming more discerning about choosing books for their children that nurture the soul, encourage and inspire.  I am delighted to be one of Pick-A-Woo Woo’s authors, an Australian publisher who share my enthusiasm for children’s spiritual literature and are at the cutting edge of this work.

‘Born To Love Frogs’ is a story about one boy, who through his love of nature, makes a plan and is helped by the magical realms to share his wisdom and inspire others.  I believe this book will help empower children with its message… that they too can make a difference with their individual gifts and talents.

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