Seeing With Eyes Of Wholeness

The eclipse energy has been building slowly and we have weeks of this energy ahead of us as we witness a penumbral lunar eclipse on 18th/19th October and a total solar eclipse on 3rd November, combined with the influence of Mercury travelling retrograde through Scorpio.  Eclipses touch the individual in their own way but they always shift awareness at some level and this can sometimes be challenging.

If you are challenged to heal and transform during this eclipse period then make some quiet time to look at your situations with new eyes.  This will begin to shift awareness and brings blessings.  Seeing with eyes of wholeness brings transformation and truth in any situation.

Be at home wherever you are, facing your demons no matter how uncomfortable, until they dissolve through the power of love. Live life with passion so you can touch the core of your being, inviting the present moment and eternal love to enter and heal.  Courage is an act of love that allows miracles to manifest in our lives and the lives of others.

Whatever the situation or challenge, during vibrational shifts and rapidly changing times, it is the small things that matter. God is the scent of a flowering rose, the sound of rain on the forest floor and the gentle touch of the breeze.

When we are focused on the present moment, on the eternal, we are already creating a new flow rooted in truth, love and peace.