Discernment through the heart is the key to receiving appropriately.  Presence and awareness are skills that many are called on to master in 2014 as this will be the year of receiving at a higher level.  I began sharing the teachings and increasing importance of Presence for our spiritual evolution early in 2012, in the lead up to the December Solstice portal, as my guides aligned me with the truth.  Please see information about Unity Essence on my website for additional support in mastering present moment awareness through this high vibrational tool.

Most people still acknowledge 1st of January on the Gregorian calendar as the beginning of the New Year but this is a human construct to manage time in a 3D world.  However, we will witness a new moon on this date and this brings all an opportunity to align with the new energies.  In my Solstice Blog I wrote about the ancients with their Earth wisdom and their ability to co-exist in harmony with nature.  I spoke of the elderly man about to depart the Earth and the child in the womb preparing to be born.  The new solar cycle began at Solstice and this gateway ushered in new energies.  The elderly man represents the old coming to the surface for healing and transmutation.  In many ways, he represents time itself.  The baby is the new being born.  The higher dimensional energies that wash through us during the Solstice alignment are powerful and healing.

2014 is a year for receiving and brings in a new level of mastery; one that is absolutely grounded in love for Self, through a greater level of discernment, awareness and trust in divine timing.  The Universe presents us with gifts constantly and supports us through expansion.  Expansion means letting go of fear, ideas, concepts, relationships etc that do not support growth and greater vision.  Having total trust in letting go and absolute faith in receiving the new, allows for greater flow.  The Universe’s nature is one of balance and it constantly brings us opportunities to remain in balance.

Miracles and magic are with us all the time, we have to listen to our hearts to receive the messages that guide us to take right action and receive for our highest good.  These messages can sometimes go against the grain because hearts do not work on the level of the mind.  Hearts are aligned with truth and with love.

Peace and blessings.

There is a Star

The veils are thinner and there are images of a community gathered together in huts around fires, having tended to their animals by daylight and resting now as the cold darkness enfolds their village.  Families are enjoying long hours huddled together in the warmth, cooking and sharing stories.  An elderly man spends his last hours on the Earth surrounded by those close to him, tended and cared for during his final rite of passage.  A woman heavy with child sings to the young one cradled in her arms.  The unborn baby in her womb listens to the comforting sound of its mother’s voice and heartbeat.

The sun rises on a new day casting light on the frozen branches of trees that stand silhouetted against the brightening sky.  As the soft white clouds sweep swiftly across the blue expanse, the call of the ancients can still be heard on the breeze.  The Earth’s golden aura rises and expands too as she lingers longer in the sacred space of Solstice.

Winter Solstice marks the beginning of the return of light to the northern hemisphere as these magical hours usher in the new solar cycle.  It is uplifting as Winter commences to connect to the Earth in gratitude for the blessings received in the passing cycle through meditation, celebration or a quiet walk in nature.  This sacred occasion also presents an opportunity to receive and align our hearts with the new frequencies.  This year, the Earth’s axial tilt is farthest away from the sun at 17.11 pm (UK) on Saturday, 21st December.

Solstice peace and blessings.

There was a Star ~ A Guiding Light ~ There is a Star …

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