Prayers and Healing – Malaysian Air Incident

I was opened dramatically into seeing into other realms when I lost my baby son 14 years ago. The night before he was due to be born, I awoke to the mighty presence of golden angels and was surrounded by beautiful heavenly love. They were there to help his transition into the next realm and bring me comfort. It is probably the closest we can be to death, other than our own, when the life of a baby inside the womb passes over. Through this trauma and loss, my awareness opened and I found healing and courage, eventually using my gifts to help and guide others.


Two nights before the recent Malaysian plane incident, I woke in the night to the sound of an aeroplane flying very low over my house; it was very loud. I sat up and realised the sound was in my clairaudience and not actually in the physical realm. I was then shown a clairvoyant picture of an aeroplane coloured red, white and blue over an expanse of water and I knew that the plane was going to crash. Then, as is always the case in these situations, the whole scene was flooded with white, golden light and the feeling was of divine love. I saw the guides and angels present and I could see the light to which those souls involved were headed in the near distance.


Slightly disorientated, I thought of contacting all airlines who fly red, white and blue planes. I searched my memory to find the specific name of the airline or the place involved. I asked for guidance and understood that because I am not given specific details, it is a situation that is already running its own course, part of divine cosmic order and so I prayed and provided inter-dimensional healing. Two days later, an aeroplane is reported as lost.


I have refrained from publishing this Blog until now out of respect for the families concerned as I was guided to provide inter-dimensional assistance through prayers and healing, not be involved in the practicalities of location and recovery. I am not sure whether any intuitive was given information of this sort by the way the investigation has gone. If they were, then perhaps as is still often the case, the information was dismissed.

My heart goes out to all relatives and friends of those who lost their lives. I know that all souls involved instantly passed into the next realm embraced by such immense love, peace and protection. It is those people left behind that suffer the most in these circumstances and I hope these words offer comfort to all who have lost loved ones suddenly.


An opportunity was given for myself, and I am sure other healers and intuitives around the world, to bring light, healing and prayer to this situation before it occurred in the physical realm thus bridging heaven and earth. Also an opportunity was given to bring the relatives and friends of those involved into the vibration of higher love. A prayer brings healing, a prayer offers a bridge to greater understanding and forgiveness, a prayer brings through the power of love and connects people to higher truth. All prayers are powerful and work for the highest good.


The higher dimensions are beautiful and free from the pain and fear that is created in this physical realm. God bless all those involved in this tragedy.


In truth, love is all there is.


The Power of Picture Books

There is so much literature available for adult self-development and spiritual growth; wonderful books by many gifted authors that assist us to improve our lives and inspire us to walk our own true path. Have you noticed that there is limited availability of equivalent literature for children?


When my three children were younger I searched for children’s books that reflected my own spiritual understandings and values, knowing that picture books have the power to serve as windows and mirrors for a child’s experience and that of others. As there was, and still is, limited literature to help children understand universal wisdom, I began to write guided visualizations for my own children. I observed how the guided imagery ignited their imagination, helping to reveal their potential through an understanding of their own passions, hopes and dreams. I then re-wrote the visualizations and created picture book stories for like-minded parents and teachers to share with their own children and pupils. A couple of years later, after many rejection letters but an ever hopeful heart, my first manuscript was accepted by a publisher and then later a second one.


Born to love frogs Brumby-1 (Small)Born to Love Frogs’ has been beautifully illustrated by a young award winning Australian artist who was only 18 years old when he was commissioned. The book celebrates children and their gifts and talents. The story honors the unique way each child makes a positive difference to the world.


‘Oceans Calling’ is the underwater adventure of a young girl and a mermaid. Deep beneath the ocean they find a secret which reveals to them the power that love has to heal the water, marine life and ultimately the whole world.


The stories are written for 4 to 9 year olds but are equally enjoyed by tiny tots, teens and adults. Both books offer a holistic experience through interactive activities at the end of the stories which enhance and build upon the themes and sharing experience.


I am a passionate writer and I love inspiring children to enjoy and connect with nature. My own close relationship to nature and my work as a healer and therapist have shown me how important natural outside play is for children for the healthy development of their minds, emotions and bodies. Children are the future caretakers of our beautiful planet and what we teach them about the environment and allow them to experience will help shape the Earth’s future. The books have been created in conjunction with Ecolibris who are an organization dedicated to making reading more sustainable. Over a thousand new trees have been planted for both books. A proportion of the books’ royalties are also donated to charities.

Oceans Calling (Small)

My passion for writing and promoting children’s mind, body and spirit literature has led me to develop interactive workshops which I present to primary schools. They are designed to encourage and inspire children to celebrate their gifts and talents through creative writing, poetry and fun activities.


What began as an outer search for inspiration has led me on an inner journey of self-discovery, vision and creativity. By following my heart and taking action, which are messages contained within the books, I followed my passion for positive change. I am grateful to be involved in and share the joy of other people’s passions and potential; to inspire and be inspired.  This value is embraced in the following quote from ‘Born to Love Frogs,’ “One person makes a difference in all they think, feel and say. One person can show the world a very different way.”


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