Eclipses and Illuminations

The full lunar eclipse energies are coming to a peak now. These energies have been building for some time and I know many are feeling the intensity. January’s New Moon saw the beginning of this new wave of light and the expansion of the Divine Feminine. The oracle card I chose this morning was the ‘children’ card. Play, play, play is the message. Nurture the inner child and even be among and play games with children if you can. I have been on a nature walk with my family this afternoon and we played in the uplifting and beautiful energies of the woods to keep our vibrations high.


During my early morning meditation I was given these words, ‘And so the Passover begins.’ My immediate thought was of the Jewish celebration of Passover but I had no idea when this occurred. I researched and found it does actually begin this evening and I then understood the context of the guidance given. Passover is the celebration of the time when Moses led many out of slavery into freedom. This is what the April energies are all about; liberation into higher ground for many more people. Some deeper hidden patterns that run through us individually and collectively in the unconscious and which have been holding many captive in fear and inner conflict are being illuminated at this time. These darker energies can sometimes be felt while they are released through the light which illuminates them, providing an opportunity to be fully understood as they dissolve. The Eastertide celebration, probably the most significant of the Christian festivities, is also nearly here with a focus on rebirth and regeneration.


I planned ahead intuitively for this week and my family are taking a spring break to be in nature and relax. It is important to keep your vibration high right now and throughout the rest of April to make the most of what is on offer by the Universe. If you are unable to take a break this week, then try to slow down a little and bring lightness into your daily work.


To help with alignment, feel the current energies through your heart space and not through the mind. A Divine heart/mind connection will bring balance to any inner conflict. To further assist the process of purification, drink plenty of water and take cleansing baths with Epsom salts if possible. Eat lightly and healthily. Walk in nature, communing with the elementals. Receive healing to raise your vibration. Meditation and mindfulness are a must; remembering that the past and the future are all here now and we are creating our next moment. Take responsibility for your own inner space and allow each moment to be love.

Without positive focus and alignment, many people may feel they are being dragged through what is being released or struggle with conflict, rather than being in the love and higher vibration that is pouring through. This is temporary and there is always the support of spirit available. Currently, there is a furthering of the separation from emotions that seek to define us but are just an illusory perception of who we are. If feeling challenged, spend some time in silence and prayer and ask your angels/guides for help in aligning you to your higher self and highest vision which will immediately place you on higher ground and this is what April’s energies are all about. Bringing a new sense of freedom and further expansion, it is a magical time full of new possibilities and miracles; the time for planting new seeds is now upon us.


Know that you are supported by love in every moment.


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