May’s Energies and Wesak

The intense energy throughout April was a challenge for some. The higher dimensional frequencies are supporting transformation and positive action. The mind and emotions try to create separation but in truth there is no separation. I found April’s energies to be uplifting and creative as I consciously and gently aligned, allowing my consciousness to expand, inner illumination being the natural consequence.


The ability to look within at the shadow and find the energy to awaken the transformation process is not always easy. The Universe is Love, and when we surrender and stand out of the way (ego), we are aligned.  Emotions can overwhelm people in times of intense transformation revealing what needs healing, accepting or changing. Some of my clients had a very bumpy ride, others found inner balance more quickly. I am honoured to work with such wonderful people on their spiritual and healing journey. April was a time to detach from drama and illusion created by others and our own ego, giving greater focus to peace, nature, self care and joy. Gratitude always keeps us aligned with truth and April offered opportunity for deeper practice of this value.


Love, kindness and compassion are all that is ever needed on this Earth to fully experience a life well lived in each moment. In truth, we are Love. We are expanding in awareness and serving the Divine plan in all that we do, in the presence of love. Awareness grows through aligning with the Love that we are.


After the intensity of last month, May will be quieter generally for everyone. The powerful full moon in Taurus/Scorpio is on 14th/15th May and this is Wesak Day. It’s the celebration of the Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and death. May’s energies are conducive to healing, silent contemplation, going within and enjoying expanding awareness.  A wonderful opportunity is upon us to spend time in meditation and silent prayer, to give thanks and receive Buddha blessings, aligning with inner wisdom, love and beauty.


Wesak is also about being in the present moment; the past, present and future being here now. Unity Essence is my chosen Essence for May and was co-created in nature with a Sequoia tree in 2011. Unity Essence was given to me in preparation for the new paradigm, for the here and now.

Peace and Blessings