Acts of Appreciation

The Summer Solstice this year is on Saturday 21st June and is a golden opportunity to connect to our sacred Earth and the rhythm of the cosmos. The sun is at maximum power and the Earth Mother is at her maximum growth in the Northern Hemisphere.


By taking time to attune to the Solstice energies through quiet contemplation or celebration, it becomes easier to connect to the nourishment which we are all receiving from nature constantly. At the centre of the Earth’s cycle is the sun and at the centre of the life cycle is the Soul. This is an opportune time to celebrate the gifts given to us by the Earth at this point in her cycle and for life lived here.


Living in gratitude is our natural state of Being. To be in the awareness of gratitude instantly brings any disparate parts of the personality into higher alignment with love. I have known of teachings that suggest writing a list of the things and people we are grateful for with an intention to cleanse and re-align. This is a positive exercise but to truly work with the power of gratitude, it also needs to be put into physical action through acts of appreciation.


An act of appreciation is the essence of gratitude made manifest.


It is our natural inner state of quiet gratitude for life that keeps our bodies well and working in the amazing and intricate ways that they do. Conscious awareness of this, followed by physical self-appreciation and self-love, makes miracles happen. Appreciate your wonderful body by eating well, exercising it and balancing work, rest and play. This aligns you with the inner truth of your Being and promotes harmony, healing and wellness. All you need to know is inside of you and when body and mind are aligned, the body will let you know instinctively what it needs to eat and do to be well, relative to your own unique makeup. It is grateful for life.


If you sometimes feel negative or unworthy and it is affecting your actions and thoughts, then reach out and show appreciation to someone who deserves your recognition. Notice how the energy of this action also lifts you into a higher vibration.


When anyone does a good deed for you, always let them have your genuine appreciation. This elevates the goodness and value in the original deed done. Appreciation has an unseen magical ripple effect that can positively affect many other people and situations. This metaphysical understanding is simple, and when brought into the physical realm through awareness, intention and right action, it is very powerful.


At Solstice, take time to appreciate all the goodness in your life and the goodness you have brought to others and the Earth.  Knowing you are Divinely loved and appreciated keeps you awake and in deeper awareness, connected to your true identity as a beautiful Soul, no matter the outer circumstances. Divine Love is pouring through you at all times. Acknowledging this, can help you make a permanent conscious bridge to Divine Love, which will elevate your life and in turn elevate the lives of many other people.


Every Summer Solstice I make an outer pilgrimage to a sacred site in the UK, usually a sacred stone circle, to meditate and celebrate.  This year I am visiting Bruges in Belgium and its surrounding area to assist with Earth work in this ancient area.  Working with the spirit of a place is an honour and a joy and I am looking forward to meeting with the essence of this land and its people at the weekend.


May you be blessed with vitality, joy and deep connection to all that you are and all that you do, in Love, this Solstice time.


Peace and Blessings



4 thoughts on “Acts of Appreciation

  1. This is the first time I am aware of this June 21 which is gonna be tomorrow in our Philippine time. Very spiritually interesting!

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