Sacred Journeys

Last year I was guided to expand my spiritual work at sacred sites in the UK into other parts of Europe beginning in Ireland on the September Harvest full moon. A year has past and the abundant Harvest Moon is ripe once more; a powerful super moon in Pisces energizing the final weeks of summer with heightened intuition and sensitivity, marking a pathway for the upcoming Equinox.

Although I suffered a fractured foot earlier this year, I was up and about, free from crutches in time to lead a group on a summer solstice sacred journey to Belgium. My guides have taught me much over the years about sacred portals and the nature spirits provide constant guidance which never fails to leave me in awe and wonder. Along with some English sacred sites, I have also had the pleasure of visiting France this summer.

In August, I visited the Loire Valley, an area I consider to be the soul of France. It’s an ancient, historical land fed by the rich waters of the river that runs through it. There were many beautiful connections made here at Blois, Chartres Cathedral and Amboise but my favourite and most unexpected was at Chateau Du Clos Luce, the home of Leonardo da Vinci. Here I opened into a deep understanding of this man and his work. Through the lovingly kept rooms and artifacts in his home, I was able to touch into some soul understandings of the creative force behind him. He was a courageous old soul, deeply connected to the beauty of form and a channel for higher wisdom.

It was not until walking around the gardens that I made the deepest connection to Leonardo and understood the significance of this land in the final years of his life. Upon reaching the herb garden, I connected to his soul patterns through nature and was able to bring the group into the awareness of the frequencies of the Earth at this place; both then and now. Below is an excerpt from my journal:

“We walked with reverence along the garden path which suddenly gave way to three notes, music from the elementals; the sound vibration of the Earth on which this part of the garden grows and that which sustains it. Three notes blending in perfect harmony. My senses were filled with this simple yet melodic sound. These notes assist the shoots in the earth to find their way from the soil into the light of the sun above and also encourage forward movement and abundant growth.

Did Leonardo hear these notes or simply dwell among the vibration in silent contemplation; the resonance also beckoning forth shoots from his imagination into the dimension of form?

Leonardo was thrilled that Amboise and its landscape were so similar to his much loved and missed home in Italy. I feel the Earth energies in Italy and France to be very different from one another but yes, here in Amboise, there is a little touch of Italy. It was with his intellectual connection, his propensity to spiritual alignment, mixed with the beautiful French earth frequencies that enabled him to work so passionately and diligently on his inventions and art in those final three years of his life. He was sustained, not only by King Francois I admiration, but more importantly through his spiritual organic connection to the Earth beneath his feet, his full awareness of the consciousness of the air in his lungs and the vegetarian diet he ate which was harvested from the gardens that surrounded him.’

The Earth speaks to all who love her. She reveals secrets to those who take the time to walk her ley lines and rest a while upon her energy centres in love and respect. We can feel the Earth’s energy nourish us through sacred connection and ceremony yet she also draws upon the wisdom of our own souls. She is joy filled at human remembrance of her energies, that are invisible to most, but that sustain all life here and she is our partner in co-creation of Earthly manifestations.

A journey into nature and to sacred Earth serves many purposes:

A time to relax and share with likeminded people
Be re-connected to the rhythm of nature
Receive healing
Learn about the mysteries of sacred sites
Learn to work with the energy of nature spirits
Learn to listen and communicate with the Earth
Participate in healing of the Earth
Open the heart chakra to deeper levels of love, joy and compassion

If you would like to join me on a future Sacred Earth Journey, please contact me through

One thought on “Sacred Journeys

  1. You are very fortunate, Jacqueline, with the experience you have gathered in your travels and interaction with people and of course, with our Mother Nature. With these, your soul is evolving in a higher form more than ever before…

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