The Power of Peace, Love and Ceremony

Some summers ago, on a clear warm Sunday afternoon, my family took a picnic to the beach. While the children were playing, I took time to lie down and make a conscious connection to the Earth and opened to receive a Crystal Healing attunement. The sun warmed my body and I was soon enveloped in deep peace. I was working with a Smoky Quartz crystal which was one of the first crystals I ever purchased; we had worked together for over twenty years. I lay it in the middle of my chest within my heart chakra area. I had it pointed downwards in order to release some accumulated negativity and tension. Then I drifted in and out of sleep, listening to the sounds of the gulls and my children playing in the near distance.

Suddenly I realised that I couldn’t hear the sound of the waves and we were only about eight feet away from the edge of the sea, which had been fairly choppy and noisy before I lay down. I sat up and saw that the sea had become as serene as a still lake. My husband and I watched small, gentle breaks of water almost trickle their way onto the beach. As we took in this amazing scene, I quietly wondered if my Earth and crystal attunement had also helped the sea into a peaceful still place. Was it possible for my crystal attunement to also affect the water? I asked my guides and nature to give me a clear answer.

For ten minutes, we watched the sea which stayed calm with very little movement. I then lay back down to finish the crystal healing and turned the crystal to face upwards, away from the sea, in order to draw up Earth energy through my energy field and body. As I ended the ceremony, as always, I thanked the crystal and my angels and guides for their help, remaining open for any inspirational wisdom. I then also sent my love and gratitude to the water. As I did this, a wave formed about 20 feet out from the shore and then crashed onto the beach. I sat up again, startled by the noise and my husband who witnessed it, immediately laughed and said, ‘You just made that happen didn’t you? What did you do?’ We sat and watched the sea quickly become still again; there were no more waves.

I asked for a sign and received an answer. Yes, the water had responded to the power of the ceremony. It had calmed due to the healing energy flowing through my consciousness. Then, as I was drawing in powerful Earth energy and blessing the ocean at the same time, this resulted in the sudden physical movement of the water. I don’t believe this would happen with water in a pond or a body of water that has no natural current. It occurred because the sea already has rhythms of movement and these had been temporarily slowed down by the healing power of the attunement. My strong focus and conscious connection to the Earth vibrations, along with the ocean blessing, caused a shift in the movement of the water.

This was a beautiful physical reminder about the power of our conscious thoughts of love, healing and peace.

Everything is energy and we are all connected.

Love and Blessings

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