Solstice Reflections and Spiritual Enlightenment

As we move towards the Solstice, the energies help us release some of that which is no longer needed for our growth or wellbeing and there is an increase in the rate that we process this cleansing depending on who we are and what is happening on our path. It is empowering. We make way naturally for the new to be created in our lives as we enter into a new solar year.

Although many people are disconnected from the Earth and her cycles, this does not stop the Earth’s connection to humanity. Our souls would not be able to embrace the opportunity of a physical existence without the Earth and we are tied into her movements and cycles throughout our incarnation. In the northern hemisphere, during the weeks which move us towards the darkest part of the year, our bodies naturally need to rest more and our minds turn to reflection and quietness.

The celebration of Jesus’ birth is a wonderful opportunity to reflect and give gratitude but perhaps not to the excess in which it is celebrated by a lot of people. Instead of naturally slowing down the pace of life, relaxing more and reflecting; many people tend to rush about, become stressed and displace themselves from the natural movements going on within and without. This reveals one of the patterns of separation between spiritual and everyday life for many people. Those who are disconnected often feel the new energy on the 1st January because there is a tendency to allow the calendar year to dictate an opening to the new. It is now at Solstice time that we have an opportunity to make a deep connection to Mother Earth and to celebrate being human as well as being of spirit. All moments are moments to love and at Solstice, we have an opportunity to connect and offer love to our Earth and all who live upon her.

On the Winter Solstice last year I co-created Enlightenment Essence as the final Essence in the range of Soul Light Essences. It was extraordinary how this Essence came into being. Two months earlier, during a visit to a housebound client, I became aware in my inner vision of a large crystal I have in my home which is linked to the angelic realms. I take other crystals with me on client visits but not this particular one as it stands on my altar. As I connected to the crystal, I brought through healing information for my client but I also knew I needed to meditate further with it. On my return home, I sat and meditated. I was given a picture of a small crystal which looked very much like a piece of my Selenite and yet I knew it wasn’t. A name came to me and I immediately researched the crystal. Its name is Satyaloka and it is only available in one place in the world ~ the area around the sacred Satyaloka Monastery in Southern India. I ordered a small piece from a reputable seller.

I worked with the crystal for a couple of months and became familiar with its vibration. I was then guided to co-create Enlightenment Essence with the Satyaloka crystal within a grid of clear quartz crystals, on Solstice, so it would also receive the incoming energies. I usually make Essences available within a couple of months of co-creation but with this particular one, myself and some close friends decided to work with it intermittently throughout this year in order to understand its gifts over a longer time period.

Enlightenment means truth and this Essence simply brings truth into awareness. Sometimes, this does not always seem like a positive experience. Often, we live our lives with a familiar focus, based on what we have learned from our parents, our friends, trusted teachers and also our focus is dependent on where we live and what our religious or spiritual path is; if there is one at all. Satyaloka dissolves some of what we thought we knew as truth which can cause a little inner conflict if a pattern or thought has been rigidly enforced. That being said, there is enormous relief when something or someone leaves our lives, due to inner transformation, that was keeping us from a life lived in greater love and higher potential and this is the beauty of this Essence and the energy of Satyaloka crystal. Its name means ‘place of truth’ and it carries the pure spiritual energies of white light. It works with the crown chakra, keeps it clear and enhances communication with spirit.

Spiritual transformation is not always easy but I do firmly believe that each and every person has an innate spiritual inner strength and courage to draw upon, when needed. Change is constant and love is constant within change. Sometimes though, it is beneficial to use a spiritual tool to support, uplift and keep us on our highest path when transformation is quick or seemingly relentless. Enlightenment Essence does this. It is not an oracle but if you do have a gift of clairvoyance as I do, then this gift will be enhanced, by using this Essence. The Essence brings crystal clear clarity and easy movement without a need to deliberate over decisions. There is just clear knowing.

Working with truth at the highest level brings us into alignment with synchronistic events and since working with this Essence I have met and worked with an extraordinary healer and psychic surgeon who shares my understandings of karma. He trance channels the consciousness of a spiritual teacher who walked the Earth at the time of Jesus. He is well known and has helped thousands of people to wellness. When truth arises, there is no way of denying it within and it is quickly validated in the outer world. Spirit works with us synchronistically to ensure we move forward and the Universe conspires to bring confirmation continually so we stay aligned with that new truth and help enlighten others also. Truth is liberating and evolutionary on many levels.

Satyaloka’s vibration is far reaching; it carries pure spiritual energies given to us by the Earth and heavenly realms. Co-creating an Essence makes the crystal’s vibration more readily available to the energy system and enhances the crystal’s qualities.

If you are interested in working with Enlightenment Essence, then please send me an email at All Essences in the Soul Light range are priced at £15 per bottle and last for about one month.

Solstice Love and Christmas Blessings

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