A New Year of Stability

My New Year celebrations began on the Winter Solstice. The morning after, I awoke to the beautiful celebratory singing of birds in the trees outside my bedroom window; it truly sounded like the arrival of spring instead of winter. This continued for the next four mornings as they sang with the rising of the sun, celebrating the new energies.

At the beginning of 2014, I channelled the message that it was a year to receive. Absolutely this has been case, but people had to be open to receive for their highest good. When ego and fears run the show, it is harder to receive the gifts which await. These wonderful energies are still supporting us although they have changed to energies of stability; stabilizing all the new which has been created for our highest good and for the Earth.

Our greatness is reflected in a life lived in joy but our greatness also lies in our challenges; in our ability to meet adversity head-on; in our courage to show up; and in our faith to know that all is sacred, no matter what. We are each just one small grain of sand and yet each grain of sand is unique and important. All together, with similar vision and an understanding of oneness, what wonders we can create? If we were to look upon humanity as a beach where the sun shines brightly, we would see many millions of grains which reflect golden light and catch the eye. Even if all the grains of sand around you seem dull and lacklustre, there is a spark within each one that is waiting to meet with your light and to be uplifted by your magnificence right now.

The new energies pouring through us bring powerful stability for 2015. Be open to stabilizing that which is for your highest good, receive through your Divine Feminine nature, and shine magnificently for the good of all.

Wishing you a very happy and peaceful 2015.

Love and blessings