Earth Star Chakra

The Earth Star Chakra is located just below the feet and connects us to Mother Earth, aligning us with her core. The Earth Star Chakra grounds and energises our energy system but requires clearance of emotional issues to fully open and function properly. When we are connected deeply to the Earth’s core, our energy field becomes stronger and is able to withstand and integrate the Light transmissions being sent to us from Source in order to raise our frequencies. We are also afforded more protection from outside influences when the energy system is strong.

Earth Star Essence is an energetic tool which works with the Higher Self to bring a complete opening of this important Chakra by re-patterning old fear energies. This allows Light and Spirit to be fully present and grounded on Earth, resulting in greater clarity and strength of purpose.

As the higher frequencies present in Earth Star Essence help to cleanse energetic blocks, this brings balance to the energy flow throughout the body, giving more vitality.

Each bottle of Essence is individually attuned and will work uniquely at a speed determined by the Higher Self.

Our Mother Earth needs as many people as possible to remember their divinity and life’s purpose within the unfolding Universal plan. This small bottle of Essence provides a big step towards that remembrance.

Earth Star Essence Signature ~ You are more than you ever imagined!

Effective for:

* Grounding

* Deepening connection to Mother Earth

* Opening awareness to Elemental energies

* Aligning with Divine Purpose

* Reframing the past

* Strengthening the body and energy system

Place 2 or 3 drops directly on the tongue or in a glass of water 3 times per day or as intuitively guided. A couple of drops placed on the wrists gives an instant energy boost.

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Solar Eclipse – Endings and Beginnings

The recent solar eclipse was a powerful instigator of change. With Piscean energy of such magnitude, an awareness of truth beyond normal understanding often occurs, and with it, a psychic opening and liberation of sorts. But within this energy, we may also question what we know as things change within. What is illusion? What is truth? The eclipse has brought some significant endings which lie in deeply rooted misconceptions within the psyche and minds of humanity. This is a time of paradox and illumination.

The continual shedding of the old through rapid transformation has caused a whirlwind dance with oneness. We sometimes struggle to keep aligned with our individual and collective destiny through the intensity. But this rapid transformation has also brought greater capacity for more and more people to find a deeper understanding of spirit and to make choices through the power of love. We are all connected and what we create, we create for all. As we embody more of our higher wisdom and consciousness, our vibration and authentic presence touches all.

Within the confines of time and space, there is also the experience of timelessness. It is accessible through our higher consciousness; an awareness which is free from all spiritual prejudice, hierarchy or initiation. We have always been whole in this physical form; vibrating at a frequency needed for an earth realm existence, but whole and perfect nonetheless. The Universe loudly proclaims, ‘I wish for you what you wish for yourself as we are one.’ In the deepest parts of our hearts, the desire is and has always been the same; to recognise our wholeness and perfection in physical form. The Universe lovingly responds to the truth of our hearts, bringing all the opportunities and choices to make this desire possible.

We can confidently spring into spring (or autumn) with this beautiful uplifting energy and the feeling of a soul satisfying sense of completion. Collectively we have reached a time of deeper recognition of our wholeness. This is being experienced by more and more people as an acceleration of an opening to spirit. For the minority who are already aligned with the pulse of their heart; the rhythm that beats in time with the Universe, a profound and lasting spiritual joy and deep love is constantly present now.

The Alpha and the Omega dance at a point of completion within the cosmos. The heavens sing the first notes of a new cycle, rich with positive growth and opportunity. Here in the northern hemisphere, the earth is awakening. Soil that has been richly cultivated and lovingly cared for is beginning to show signs of new life bursting from within its vast hidden potential. Similar to our own spiritual growth, given optimum growing conditions, everything is possible.

Love and authenticity create deep peace within and love is the solid foundation upon which we can grow, learn, create and reach our highest potential.