How are you feeling?

The recent eclipses and cosmic alignments have bathed us in the most powerful energy we have been within since the December 2012 gateway. It is beautiful, supportive and uplifting energy but for some people, the intensity of light is causing emotional and/or physical imbalance through rapid processing, sudden outer changes and inner transformations.

The last time I witnessed a solar eclipse of such magnitude was in August 1999. I remember it very well. I was heavily pregnant and extremely sensitive to its energy. I was in the town of Warwick and the eclipse was breathtaking to witness and feel. It brought powerful change and marked the beginning of the higher frequencies which built the energy that lead up to 2012. I truly understand how life can suddenly change and turn your world upside down as less than two months after that eclipse, I lost my baby son at birth. It was a beginning within an ending which opened up my spiritual gifts to a new level.

Eclipses can draw attention to any misalignment we have with our soul purpose, with our guidance and with divine timing in our lives. Once aligned with our higher consciousness and our own guidance, moon phases and eclipses are rarely felt because there is continual connection with universal flow through us and around us. The universe never disconnects itself from anyone as we are constantly bathed in love but through ego desires or negative conditions and challenges, a person can lose connection to their own light, guidance, sense of purpose, higher perspective and inner joy.

If you are suffering from a loss of relationship, health, job, or anything that is causing you to feel less than your true self at this time, then please do give me a call. I have worked as an intuitive energy therapist and healer for nearly 20 years and by simply being within my voice vibration during a telephone consultation, you will be aligned with the healing energy, guidance and Divine Love that I channel. You will be attuned to a higher frequency that matches your own true nature allowing recovery and peace to be restored.

I also offer an Essence to work with from the range of Soul Light Essences to give ongoing support. Soul Light Essences were given their name by spirit as they bring every person who works with them into alignment with their own soul’s vibration, their own light and authentic soul patterns. They rebalance and uplift which restores inner peace and higher purpose. Soul Light Essences are a gift from spirit and it is an honour to bring them to the world.

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