August is a mighty month for change; the energy is high and supportive, from magical cosmic gateways to the simple loving touch of the summer sun on our skin.

I have just spent two weeks with my family retreating by the sea on the island of Anglesey in north Wales. I first visited Wales as a child and have re-visited many times throughout my life. I find the Earth consciousness there truly amazing and magical. I timed this getaway with the cosmic portals that were opening in August to help me create but also to rest and rejuvenate.

One afternoon I received a beautiful gift from the Earth to share with others. I was sitting on a beach in the sunshine, bathing in the wonderful new moon energies, and I picked up a small stone which was lying by my side. It was unusually smooth and flat. I held the stone while looking out to sea, in meditation. Then I saw another similar looking stone lying amongst the many different shapes and sizes. I put them in my pocket and began to walk the beach, searching, but I found only two more. When I returned to where I had been sitting, I saw that the area around my beach towel was strewn with many small flat smooth stones. I collected thirty or so and smiled when my guidance brought information for their use as stones for divination and healing. It was a happy reminder too that sometimes we don’t have to go searching; what we need is well within our reach. I had already intuitively placed myself exactly where I needed to be in order to receive this gift.

I took out my pen and notebook and continued channelling. In about fifteen minutes I was given the full structure and energy of the divination stones and how they could be used simply or in a multi-level way to align with elemental energy and to receive guidance and blessings. This was a beautiful unexpected gift during an unforgettable retreat in magical Wales. I am filled with gratitude.

Please take time for any changes you need to make this month; the Universe is highly supportive. Life is about change and sometimes we have to make difficult choices. If they are the choices which steer us away or help build stronger boundaries from the ego world which is one of separation and limitation, to be with our own truth and light, then this is the path we must take. Spirit always supports improvement. Truth brings strength and integrity. Truth is freedom.

May you be blessed with the love you truly deserve and the conditions that embrace who you really are. May these August energies bring you wonderful transformation and abundance.


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