Eclipses and Illuminations

The full lunar eclipse energies are coming to a peak now. These energies have been building for some time and I know many are feeling the intensity. January’s New Moon saw the beginning of this new wave of light and the expansion of the Divine Feminine. The oracle card I chose this morning was the ‘children’ card. Play, play, play is the message. Nurture the inner child and even be among and play games with children if you can. I have been on a nature walk with my family this afternoon and we played in the uplifting and beautiful energies of the woods to keep our vibrations high.


During my early morning meditation I was given these words, ‘And so the Passover begins.’ My immediate thought was of the Jewish celebration of Passover but I had no idea when this occurred. I researched and found it does actually begin this evening and I then understood the context of the guidance given. Passover is the celebration of the time when Moses led many out of slavery into freedom. This is what the April energies are all about; liberation into higher ground for many more people. Some deeper hidden patterns that run through us individually and collectively in the unconscious and which have been holding many captive in fear and inner conflict are being illuminated at this time. These darker energies can sometimes be felt while they are released through the light which illuminates them, providing an opportunity to be fully understood as they dissolve. The Eastertide celebration, probably the most significant of the Christian festivities, is also nearly here with a focus on rebirth and regeneration.


I planned ahead intuitively for this week and my family are taking a spring break to be in nature and relax. It is important to keep your vibration high right now and throughout the rest of April to make the most of what is on offer by the Universe. If you are unable to take a break this week, then try to slow down a little and bring lightness into your daily work.


To help with alignment, feel the current energies through your heart space and not through the mind. A Divine heart/mind connection will bring balance to any inner conflict. To further assist the process of purification, drink plenty of water and take cleansing baths with Epsom salts if possible. Eat lightly and healthily. Walk in nature, communing with the elementals. Receive healing to raise your vibration. Meditation and mindfulness are a must; remembering that the past and the future are all here now and we are creating our next moment. Take responsibility for your own inner space and allow each moment to be love.

Without positive focus and alignment, many people may feel they are being dragged through what is being released or struggle with conflict, rather than being in the love and higher vibration that is pouring through. This is temporary and there is always the support of spirit available. Currently, there is a furthering of the separation from emotions that seek to define us but are just an illusory perception of who we are. If feeling challenged, spend some time in silence and prayer and ask your angels/guides for help in aligning you to your higher self and highest vision which will immediately place you on higher ground and this is what April’s energies are all about. Bringing a new sense of freedom and further expansion, it is a magical time full of new possibilities and miracles; the time for planting new seeds is now upon us.


Know that you are supported by love in every moment.


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New Moon of Freedom

The positive and uplifting energy of the Aquarian New Moon at 21.39 GMT is providing opportunity for freedom and liberation. A breakthrough in some way for many; a release of old patterns, receiving an answer or simply a greater ability to express uniqueness is gifted at this time.

New doors are opening with this beautiful feminine energy nurturing creative expression and offering increased support to bring truth to Earth to assist each other to heal and evolve. This New Moon is also birthing the new Chinese Year of the Wood Horse aligning with optimism, freedom, community and independent work.

Our Earth has been starved of peace due to a lack of balance between the masculine and feminine energies.  Masculine energy is electric and when it is out of balance, the results are dominance in left brain thinking, competition, fear, uncaring attitudes, war etc.  It is not just men who have been adversely affected in their behaviour with this imbalance; some women have also been taken over by the extreme masculine energies of ego, insensitivity and selfishness which has a negative effect on families and society in general.  Most children are educated in schools where left brain teaching is dominant and competition is the norm. Many children are facing a lack of true feminine guidance, leadership and nurturing.

The Divine Feminine is magnetic in nature.  When the Divine Feminine is restored in all people to a more harmonious ratio, then there will be greater balance and peace on Earth. The Universe is always seeking balance and therefore more and more people are awakening to Love and understanding the insanity of what has been considered normal on this planet. This has been occurring for some time and information given here is in context of the current phase of energy we are entering bringing opportunity for deeper alignment with the Divine Feminine. If worked with consciously, miracles can occur within and without.  An auspicious time for greater understanding and respect in relationships between men and women in general.

The Divine Feminine is creative, intuitive and nurturing. The greatest knowing comes through a luminous mind balanced in intellect and intuition.  This is a wonderful time to move forward, the doors are all opening in expansion.  Create through inner balance and LOVE.  Trust your intuition. Nurture your relationships.  Have reverent interaction with the world.  If struggling, then work with this positive energy to shift perception to truth where, in wholeness, all is perceived as sacred. Joy always leads the way forward.  Follow your joy.

White Magnolia Flower Essence was co-created in 2011 as an energetic tool to negate any overwhelm of the masculine energy within and promote wellbeing through greater access of Divine Feminine wisdom.  It is an Essence of purity and beauty. It is also divinely nurturing of the creation process, of Love, peace and clarity, instilling balance.

All days are perfect for working with White Magnolia Flower Essence during these times of transition and creation.


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First Full Moon

An emotional watery full moon in Cancer may have temperatures running high for some people due to old energies rising and the stirring of deeper emotions that this causes. The opposing Capricorn energy may cause inner conflict between masculine and feminine energies as the more deeply rooted issues surface for release and healing during this first full moon of 2014. (04.53 GMT 16th January UK)

Issues, particularly longstanding ones, within relationships or family have an opportunity for release now.  If you are aware of these energies working within, know that you are being asked to honour your feelings. Your feelings tell you what is right for you and bring directional information.  It is a time for release through peace and love.  All the necessary celestial alignments are here for you to take back your power from any emotional overwhelm to being in a place of deeper understanding and love. A time of great revelation through identification and release is here during this lunation leading the way for the greater balance between the feminine and masculine that this year brings.

As you are emptied, connect to the mother energies and nurture yourself with loving care.  A cleansing and purifying shower or crystal bath is beneficial; bless your water acknowledging your own knowing of the power it has to heal.  Drinking water you have blessed also purifies you physically.

The New Earth energies are joyful and all are supported in this new energy.  Many are still confused and trying to maintain 3D living within a new 5D Earth vibration. If you have already worked and released a great deal of the old deeper patterns in previous years then the new vibration is much more easier to experience.  Since the Solstice I have felt a great speeding up of this beautiful energy.  I feel joy that so many more people have began to awaken and open their hearts to truth. Aligning with these expansive Universal energies is wonderful; the joy of simply being while doing is here for all who are ready. Presence is the new way of being on Earth.

This is a great time of healing and the energies for 2014 are uplifting and beautiful. Many more people will begin to hear nature calling them this year.  Connecting with nature is a requisite in the awakening process and is part of the healing journey.  Disconnection from nature brings disconnection from higher consciousness and causes mental, physical and spiritual illness.  Nature loves unconditionally. All truth is to be found in nature and she waits patiently for all to remember.

After a thirteen month interlude, I was guided to co-create a new Soul Light Essence during the recent Winter Solstice which contains light codes through this gateway. The Essence is called Enlightenment and will be available for purchase soon.

With full moon peace and blessings

Sacred poetry through my heart:

Together now
He listens to her heartbeat
Synchronizes his own
The call of a distant drum
Leads the way home

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There is a Star

The veils are thinner and there are images of a community gathered together in huts around fires, having tended to their animals by daylight and resting now as the cold darkness enfolds their village.  Families are enjoying long hours huddled together in the warmth, cooking and sharing stories.  An elderly man spends his last hours on the Earth surrounded by those close to him, tended and cared for during his final rite of passage.  A woman heavy with child sings to the young one cradled in her arms.  The unborn baby in her womb listens to the comforting sound of its mother’s voice and heartbeat.

The sun rises on a new day casting light on the frozen branches of trees that stand silhouetted against the brightening sky.  As the soft white clouds sweep swiftly across the blue expanse, the call of the ancients can still be heard on the breeze.  The Earth’s golden aura rises and expands too as she lingers longer in the sacred space of Solstice.

Winter Solstice marks the beginning of the return of light to the northern hemisphere as these magical hours usher in the new solar cycle.  It is uplifting as Winter commences to connect to the Earth in gratitude for the blessings received in the passing cycle through meditation, celebration or a quiet walk in nature.  This sacred occasion also presents an opportunity to receive and align our hearts with the new frequencies.  This year, the Earth’s axial tilt is farthest away from the sun at 17.11 pm (UK) on Saturday, 21st December.

Solstice peace and blessings.

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Seeing With Eyes Of Wholeness

The eclipse energy has been building slowly and we have weeks of this energy ahead of us as we witness a penumbral lunar eclipse on 18th/19th October and a total solar eclipse on 3rd November, combined with the influence of Mercury travelling retrograde through Scorpio.  Eclipses touch the individual in their own way but they always shift awareness at some level and this can sometimes be challenging.

If you are challenged to heal and transform during this eclipse period then make some quiet time to look at your situations with new eyes.  This will begin to shift awareness and brings blessings.  Seeing with eyes of wholeness brings transformation and truth in any situation.

Be at home wherever you are, facing your demons no matter how uncomfortable, until they dissolve through the power of love. Live life with passion so you can touch the core of your being, inviting the present moment and eternal love to enter and heal.  Courage is an act of love that allows miracles to manifest in our lives and the lives of others.

Whatever the situation or challenge, during vibrational shifts and rapidly changing times, it is the small things that matter. God is the scent of a flowering rose, the sound of rain on the forest floor and the gentle touch of the breeze.

When we are focused on the present moment, on the eternal, we are already creating a new flow rooted in truth, love and peace.


Equinox Celebration

With the Full Moon in Pisces on 19th September and the energies of the upcoming Equinox at the weekend, we are undergoing deep processing this week that is bringing profound insight and truth, revealing answers to questions we have been waiting to hear for some time.  Honouring the truth revealed means having the courage to step away from the outdated and we are then fully honouring our Divinity and purpose.  The Equinox portal is extremely powerful and this building energy is asking us to step out of the comfort zone, to reach firm decisions and take action.  There are many hidden gifts within this energy.

Equinox marks the time of equal daylight and night-time hours and the true beginning of Autumn in the northern hemishphere and Spring in the southern hemisphere.  It’s a time to rejoice outdoors in nature, to give thanks for the passing season and to meditate on bringing greater stability and balance into our lives.

As I walked through a beautiful castle garden last weekend, I could feel the Fairies wishing to connect.  I was drawn to sit near a bright yellow Rudbeckia plant.  The energy was one of celebration and joy.  They celebrate each seasonal cycle as equal, there is no loss for them at the dying away of the flowers and leaves at the end of Summer.  There is just simply change, celebration and a new beginning.  Each seasonal cycle is honoured for its unique qualities and gifts.

The Fairies’ message for Autumn is ‘dare to dream.’  Humanity is slowly reclaiming its innate ability to work with Mother Earth and the powerful Equinox portal energies usher in the next stage of our new way of being and living on the Earth.

I will be in the Emerald Isle during this Full Moon, connecting with the rich Irish Earth energy, celebrating with others in co-creation and co-operation with the Earth Mother.

Wishing you all Equinox Love and Blessings.

Radiant Blue Moon

I sat by a sacred portal this afternoon bathing in the light of a powerful bridge between Heaven and Earth feeling deeply into the energies of this upcoming full moon on 21st at  01.50 GMT.

This is a full moon of plenty, a radiant Blue Moon in Aquarius/Leo.  Again, like July’s moon, vast creative forces are at hand. Humanity is barely scratching the surface of the truth and many people are ‘pregnant’ with knowledge and gifts that are ready to manifest onto the Earth to assist personal and planetary evolution.  This is a potent time for creation.  Having said that, for many who have been working selflessly for a long time to bring more Light onto the Earth plane, this moon reveals an energy that I have been aware of for a few months.  We are only a month away from the Equinox and there is emphasis on balancing individual needs with the collective need.  This moon offers an opportunity for reflection and adjustment.

It is wonderful to see the large amount of butterflies present this summer reflecting the many deep transformations taking place.  August brings heightened connections to the energies of the Dog Star, through Star Gate 88, to Sirian activation and influence so powerfully transformative that you may just have been wondering why how what you did yesterday felt so perfectly in alignment but today it feels somewhat misaligned, temporarily questioning identity and purpose.  Little sleep and some disorientation as layers of old emotional energy rise and dissolve can be unsettling.  A big shake up indeed but all change when embraced with a positive attitude can bring unexpected illumination and an evolutionary leap.  Release what no longer serves with a grateful heart and work with the exuberant creative energy and magic that is here now.

Leo addresses Love and Will and the inherent gifts of kindness and generosity that we each possess. Miracles happen when kindness is present.  Leo reminds us to follow our heart as all the answers lie within.

With Love and Blessings

Aquarian Magic

This was an interesting and challenging full moon, bathing us in Aquarian magic and the courage of Leo.

22nd July was the hottest day of the year so far in the UK and the air was filled with a hot electric buzz.  As I write, there is thunder in the skies.  This lunation caused an inner compression as unexpressed feelings, thoughts and fears bubbled to the surface for many people.  A wonderful opportunity was given to express ourselves creatively and use the power held within this compression energy for positive momentum in the days preceding the full moon. There was so much potential for acceleration of the awakening process and for us to shine Light into the world creatively, which many did.

With this energy I also witnessed an increase in agitation among some clients, many with despondency and a resistance to accept change.  The Universe brought lessons in accountability for choices and actions which then gave rise to opportunity for healing and growth.  This is the other side of the coin when magic of this kind is afoot. We have choices but the energies of compression can seem to dampen our awareness of the wiser choice, with stirred emotions affecting the rational mind at times. Forgiveness and acceptance was the gift offered during this lunation if harnessing the energy for positive change was out of reach.  Patience walks hand-in-hand with forgiveness.

Everything changes.  We are living in an ocean of constantly moving energy.  It is full of wonder, potential and opportunity.  The Universe is Love and Love resides within everything.  It is this Love at our core that accelerates our spiritual evolution as the Universe changes.

Along with the powerful opportunity to shine Light into our communities and the world at large, this lunation also revealed where we are still limiting ourselves and where there is resistance to change.  What an amazing time to be walking on this Earth and what wonderful opportunities we have to evolve!

Peace be with you in the aftermath of this full moon.  Blessings be on all your choices, may they originate from Love.

Solstice Sun and Super Moon

The Summer Solstice gives us opportunity to reflect and celebrate on all that has been accomplished during the first half of the year.

It is deeply enriching to connect to the energy of Solstice ~ to meditate, reflect and give thanks to the Earth for her love and support.  Without her we could not make this journey.  The Goddess is at the height of her power and fertility at this time supporting all our love-filled creative expressions.

Shortly after Solstice on 23rd June, we will witness a Super Moon, the only one occurring in 2013.  The moon will be at its closest position to the Earth and it will appear larger and bright in the sky.

The full moon is in Capricorn opposite the sun in Cancer, a beautiful combination, highlighting family and home issues.  Paying attention and being aware of all the new understandings that have risen since the Gemini new moon’s influence on our higher mind is important at this time. We are supported to leave the situations that we have outgrown, to bring chapters to a close and to let go.

This new awareness of life is assisting everyone to make positive changes and the Universe is pushing many to own their gifts and talents and put them out into the world with joyous open hearts ~ to take responsibility for individual evolution. Capricorn is a sign of perseverence bringing the energy needed to support our endeavours through our commitment to truth and authenticity.

This powerful moon is dancing in harmony with the energy of the Solstice sun, illuminating and supporting the letting go process, as we honour our new-found wisdom and celebrate this special time.

On the evening of the full moon I am hosting a Gathering in the Light of the Emerald Heart ~ a Light brought to Earth to assist the evolution of consciousness.  If you would like to find out more or make a long-distance connection to the Gathering, please click on the link below for further details.

New Moon in Gemini

Hopefully you have come through the challenging and intense eclipse period of May empowered by your truth and faith despite any challenges that arose. Inner strength is always needed to adapt to the changes that happen when we have the courage to look deep within but truth always leads us forward, even when circumstances do not appear beneficial. Non-resistance is the key to Divine flow. Knowing that all is well from a higher perspective, the perspective of love, brings the necessary detachment to any drama that circles our lives offering us a more peaceful way forward.

May’s powerful energy brought up patterns of tension within physicality for many people. Having a conscious awareness of the energies which affect us helps us to be pro-active through our transformations instead of taking on an unconscious reactive stance. Our boundaries are naturally strengthened through our wisdom as we surf the waves of love. The light bathing us during May revealed old energy patterning which needed to be understood and dissolved, bringing us towards deeper balance.

With such a lot going on under the surface, trust in self continues to be a big theme as we go into June. The energies flowing through us have already changed in the past three days and now have a more nurturing intuitive flow ~ fast, fine, subtle and uplifting. We have a water sign Grand Trine in Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer which brings with it great opportunity to connect with our emotions and intuition in a positive way. A Grand Trine is when three planets form a ‘trine’ or third of a circle (120 degrees) aspect with each other. So much can be created out of these new levels of awareness and this supportive wave of energy is also assisting the divine feminine aspects of our being. Inspired action is needed to make things happen but what wonderful things can occur when right action is taken.

The new moon on 8th June at 15.44 GMT is in Gemini, bringing focus to the higher mind and purpose, encouraging us to be receptive to new information and also share our own wisdom to help uplift and guide others. All empowered interaction is supported. As the moon guides the Earth’s tides, she is also helping us to feel deeply with her energy and be guided through our feelings to trust ourselves implicitly in this new lunar cycle. The new moon brings positive energy for communication and an opportunity to express our deeper emotions in a creative way that supports our purpose.

May the moon dance her way into your heart and mind to reflect your magnificence and beauty.