A New Year of Stability

My New Year celebrations began on the Winter Solstice. The morning after, I awoke to the beautiful celebratory singing of birds in the trees outside my bedroom window; it truly sounded like the arrival of spring instead of winter. This continued for the next four mornings as they sang with the rising of the sun, celebrating the new energies.

At the beginning of 2014, I channelled the message that it was a year to receive. Absolutely this has been case, but people had to be open to receive for their highest good. When ego and fears run the show, it is harder to receive the gifts which await. These wonderful energies are still supporting us although they have changed to energies of stability; stabilizing all the new which has been created for our highest good and for the Earth.

Our greatness is reflected in a life lived in joy but our greatness also lies in our challenges; in our ability to meet adversity head-on; in our courage to show up; and in our faith to know that all is sacred, no matter what. We are each just one small grain of sand and yet each grain of sand is unique and important. All together, with similar vision and an understanding of oneness, what wonders we can create? If we were to look upon humanity as a beach where the sun shines brightly, we would see many millions of grains which reflect golden light and catch the eye. Even if all the grains of sand around you seem dull and lacklustre, there is a spark within each one that is waiting to meet with your light and to be uplifted by your magnificence right now.

The new energies pouring through us bring powerful stability for 2015. Be open to stabilizing that which is for your highest good, receive through your Divine Feminine nature, and shine magnificently for the good of all.

Wishing you a very happy and peaceful 2015.

Love and blessings

Solstice Reflections and Spiritual Enlightenment

As we move towards the Solstice, the energies help us release some of that which is no longer needed for our growth or wellbeing and there is an increase in the rate that we process this cleansing depending on who we are and what is happening on our path. It is empowering. We make way naturally for the new to be created in our lives as we enter into a new solar year.

Although many people are disconnected from the Earth and her cycles, this does not stop the Earth’s connection to humanity. Our souls would not be able to embrace the opportunity of a physical existence without the Earth and we are tied into her movements and cycles throughout our incarnation. In the northern hemisphere, during the weeks which move us towards the darkest part of the year, our bodies naturally need to rest more and our minds turn to reflection and quietness.

The celebration of Jesus’ birth is a wonderful opportunity to reflect and give gratitude but perhaps not to the excess in which it is celebrated by a lot of people. Instead of naturally slowing down the pace of life, relaxing more and reflecting; many people tend to rush about, become stressed and displace themselves from the natural movements going on within and without. This reveals one of the patterns of separation between spiritual and everyday life for many people. Those who are disconnected often feel the new energy on the 1st January because there is a tendency to allow the calendar year to dictate an opening to the new. It is now at Solstice time that we have an opportunity to make a deep connection to Mother Earth and to celebrate being human as well as being of spirit. All moments are moments to love and at Solstice, we have an opportunity to connect and offer love to our Earth and all who live upon her.

On the Winter Solstice last year I co-created Enlightenment Essence as the final Essence in the range of Soul Light Essences. It was extraordinary how this Essence came into being. Two months earlier, during a visit to a housebound client, I became aware in my inner vision of a large crystal I have in my home which is linked to the angelic realms. I take other crystals with me on client visits but not this particular one as it stands on my altar. As I connected to the crystal, I brought through healing information for my client but I also knew I needed to meditate further with it. On my return home, I sat and meditated. I was given a picture of a small crystal which looked very much like a piece of my Selenite and yet I knew it wasn’t. A name came to me and I immediately researched the crystal. Its name is Satyaloka and it is only available in one place in the world ~ the area around the sacred Satyaloka Monastery in Southern India. I ordered a small piece from a reputable seller.

I worked with the crystal for a couple of months and became familiar with its vibration. I was then guided to co-create Enlightenment Essence with the Satyaloka crystal within a grid of clear quartz crystals, on Solstice, so it would also receive the incoming energies. I usually make Essences available within a couple of months of co-creation but with this particular one, myself and some close friends decided to work with it intermittently throughout this year in order to understand its gifts over a longer time period.

Enlightenment means truth and this Essence simply brings truth into awareness. Sometimes, this does not always seem like a positive experience. Often, we live our lives with a familiar focus, based on what we have learned from our parents, our friends, trusted teachers and also our focus is dependent on where we live and what our religious or spiritual path is; if there is one at all. Satyaloka dissolves some of what we thought we knew as truth which can cause a little inner conflict if a pattern or thought has been rigidly enforced. That being said, there is enormous relief when something or someone leaves our lives, due to inner transformation, that was keeping us from a life lived in greater love and higher potential and this is the beauty of this Essence and the energy of Satyaloka crystal. Its name means ‘place of truth’ and it carries the pure spiritual energies of white light. It works with the crown chakra, keeps it clear and enhances communication with spirit.

Spiritual transformation is not always easy but I do firmly believe that each and every person has an innate spiritual inner strength and courage to draw upon, when needed. Change is constant and love is constant within change. Sometimes though, it is beneficial to use a spiritual tool to support, uplift and keep us on our highest path when transformation is quick or seemingly relentless. Enlightenment Essence does this. It is not an oracle but if you do have a gift of clairvoyance as I do, then this gift will be enhanced, by using this Essence. The Essence brings crystal clear clarity and easy movement without a need to deliberate over decisions. There is just clear knowing.

Working with truth at the highest level brings us into alignment with synchronistic events and since working with this Essence I have met and worked with an extraordinary healer and psychic surgeon who shares my understandings of karma. He trance channels the consciousness of a spiritual teacher who walked the Earth at the time of Jesus. He is well known and has helped thousands of people to wellness. When truth arises, there is no way of denying it within and it is quickly validated in the outer world. Spirit works with us synchronistically to ensure we move forward and the Universe conspires to bring confirmation continually so we stay aligned with that new truth and help enlighten others also. Truth is liberating and evolutionary on many levels.

Satyaloka’s vibration is far reaching; it carries pure spiritual energies given to us by the Earth and heavenly realms. Co-creating an Essence makes the crystal’s vibration more readily available to the energy system and enhances the crystal’s qualities.

If you are interested in working with Enlightenment Essence, then please send me an email at mail@jacquelinenicoll.com All Essences in the Soul Light range are priced at £15 per bottle and last for about one month.

Solstice Love and Christmas Blessings

Soul Light Essences … http://www.mrsite.co.uk/usersitesv30/100570.mrsite.com/wwwroot/page12.htm

Acts of Appreciation

The Summer Solstice this year is on Saturday 21st June and is a golden opportunity to connect to our sacred Earth and the rhythm of the cosmos. The sun is at maximum power and the Earth Mother is at her maximum growth in the Northern Hemisphere.


By taking time to attune to the Solstice energies through quiet contemplation or celebration, it becomes easier to connect to the nourishment which we are all receiving from nature constantly. At the centre of the Earth’s cycle is the sun and at the centre of the life cycle is the Soul. This is an opportune time to celebrate the gifts given to us by the Earth at this point in her cycle and for life lived here.


Living in gratitude is our natural state of Being. To be in the awareness of gratitude instantly brings any disparate parts of the personality into higher alignment with love. I have known of teachings that suggest writing a list of the things and people we are grateful for with an intention to cleanse and re-align. This is a positive exercise but to truly work with the power of gratitude, it also needs to be put into physical action through acts of appreciation.


An act of appreciation is the essence of gratitude made manifest.


It is our natural inner state of quiet gratitude for life that keeps our bodies well and working in the amazing and intricate ways that they do. Conscious awareness of this, followed by physical self-appreciation and self-love, makes miracles happen. Appreciate your wonderful body by eating well, exercising it and balancing work, rest and play. This aligns you with the inner truth of your Being and promotes harmony, healing and wellness. All you need to know is inside of you and when body and mind are aligned, the body will let you know instinctively what it needs to eat and do to be well, relative to your own unique makeup. It is grateful for life.


If you sometimes feel negative or unworthy and it is affecting your actions and thoughts, then reach out and show appreciation to someone who deserves your recognition. Notice how the energy of this action also lifts you into a higher vibration.


When anyone does a good deed for you, always let them have your genuine appreciation. This elevates the goodness and value in the original deed done. Appreciation has an unseen magical ripple effect that can positively affect many other people and situations. This metaphysical understanding is simple, and when brought into the physical realm through awareness, intention and right action, it is very powerful.


At Solstice, take time to appreciate all the goodness in your life and the goodness you have brought to others and the Earth.  Knowing you are Divinely loved and appreciated keeps you awake and in deeper awareness, connected to your true identity as a beautiful Soul, no matter the outer circumstances. Divine Love is pouring through you at all times. Acknowledging this, can help you make a permanent conscious bridge to Divine Love, which will elevate your life and in turn elevate the lives of many other people.


Every Summer Solstice I make an outer pilgrimage to a sacred site in the UK, usually a sacred stone circle, to meditate and celebrate.  This year I am visiting Bruges in Belgium and its surrounding area to assist with Earth work in this ancient area.  Working with the spirit of a place is an honour and a joy and I am looking forward to meeting with the essence of this land and its people at the weekend.


May you be blessed with vitality, joy and deep connection to all that you are and all that you do, in Love, this Solstice time.


Peace and Blessings


Magical June

June is beginning with a high frequency portal this week which is quite beautiful.  I have worked with Unicorn energy for many years and have written a children’s book about their presence which is now being illustrated ready for publication.  Unicorns are unconditional love in their nature and bring healing; they bathe us in high frequency light which we then absorb.  Any negative emotions that you may be experiencing now are information for change.  They are a guidance system to cultivate true self-awareness.  Take time in these coming weeks to connect to the magical energies available and embrace positive change.


How often have you defined your goals, set off in the direction of your dreams with great enthusiasm to be blocked at the next turn? You have an aspiration, and with this come the ideas of what you want to achieve.  For some, the end result soon becomes the only important factor and when this is not achieved quickly enough or in the way expected, there is a failure to see the goodness and growth in the steps that were taken.


Many people turn away from their goals because the road becomes uncomfortable or the goal seems more unobtainable than when they started.  With mindfulness, it becomes clear that the end result is not the main reason for the journey. The aspiration in itself and the seeking directs the journey. Each step becomes infused with grace and joy when it is a step taken in the direction of great purpose. Each step is infused with the power of now. That power, when harnessed, can even bring you something better than you had imagined.


Consciousness evolution is here and now. A heart centred on the very moment of now, the place of the eternal, is a heart that knows how far it has come and its own enlightenment. When we truly listen to that which is beyond and deeper than our every day existence and ego, into the depths of the mystery and into the heart of the Universe, then we are always in a place of peace and greater expansion.


June sees Mercury in retrograde which reveals truth in sometimes unexpected ways.  Allow the truth to help you let go of any outdated thoughts and surrender your Will to the Greater Will.  Adapting to the pace of change will occur with greater ease.  Where truth is revealed as negative, then take back your power from those you have given it away to and retain your values and purpose. Be mindful though not to misread others communication with this energy and always respond from a place of peace. Work with the energies to understand yourself more deeply and whatever may be limiting your expansion.  Enjoy liberating your Self and stepping into greater freedom and higher wisdom.


Enjoy the presence of magical Unicorns and other high vibrational beings in your life; they are here for you and walk with you every step of the way.  If you would like a connection to these higher vibrational energies or spiritual guidance for your own evolutionary path, please contact me through http://www.jacquelinenicoll.com


Peace and Blessings

Soul Light Essence for June ~ Higher Service Essence … http://www.jacquelinenicoll.com/page42.htm



May’s Energies and Wesak

The intense energy throughout April was a challenge for some. The higher dimensional frequencies are supporting transformation and positive action. The mind and emotions try to create separation but in truth there is no separation. I found April’s energies to be uplifting and creative as I consciously and gently aligned, allowing my consciousness to expand, inner illumination being the natural consequence.


The ability to look within at the shadow and find the energy to awaken the transformation process is not always easy. The Universe is Love, and when we surrender and stand out of the way (ego), we are aligned.  Emotions can overwhelm people in times of intense transformation revealing what needs healing, accepting or changing. Some of my clients had a very bumpy ride, others found inner balance more quickly. I am honoured to work with such wonderful people on their spiritual and healing journey. April was a time to detach from drama and illusion created by others and our own ego, giving greater focus to peace, nature, self care and joy. Gratitude always keeps us aligned with truth and April offered opportunity for deeper practice of this value.


Love, kindness and compassion are all that is ever needed on this Earth to fully experience a life well lived in each moment. In truth, we are Love. We are expanding in awareness and serving the Divine plan in all that we do, in the presence of love. Awareness grows through aligning with the Love that we are.


After the intensity of last month, May will be quieter generally for everyone. The powerful full moon in Taurus/Scorpio is on 14th/15th May and this is Wesak Day. It’s the celebration of the Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and death. May’s energies are conducive to healing, silent contemplation, going within and enjoying expanding awareness.  A wonderful opportunity is upon us to spend time in meditation and silent prayer, to give thanks and receive Buddha blessings, aligning with inner wisdom, love and beauty.


Wesak is also about being in the present moment; the past, present and future being here now. Unity Essence is my chosen Essence for May and was co-created in nature with a Sequoia tree in 2011. Unity Essence was given to me in preparation for the new paradigm, for the here and now. http://www.jacquelinenicoll.com/page49.htm

Peace and Blessings


Forgiveness is an act of Love
Forgiveness is a Divine gift
Forgiveness pours Light into the shadow
Forgiveness reveals purity

To hold any resentment or hurt is to walk in another’s shadow. This is an illusion which keeps you separate from truth and peace. In truth there is no separation. Bring those who are lost into your heart. Offer them and yourself peace.

You are forgiven
You are healed
You are whole
You are Love

Walk in peace!


Discernment through the heart is the key to receiving appropriately.  Presence and awareness are skills that many are called on to master in 2014 as this will be the year of receiving at a higher level.  I began sharing the teachings and increasing importance of Presence for our spiritual evolution early in 2012, in the lead up to the December Solstice portal, as my guides aligned me with the truth.  Please see information about Unity Essence on my website for additional support in mastering present moment awareness through this high vibrational tool.


Most people still acknowledge 1st of January on the Gregorian calendar as the beginning of the New Year but this is a human construct to manage time in a 3D world.  However, we will witness a new moon on this date and this brings all an opportunity to align with the new energies.  In my Solstice Blog I wrote about the ancients with their Earth wisdom and their ability to co-exist in harmony with nature.  I spoke of the elderly man about to depart the Earth and the child in the womb preparing to be born.  The new solar cycle began at Solstice and this gateway ushered in new energies.  The elderly man represents the old coming to the surface for healing and transmutation.  In many ways, he represents time itself.  The baby is the new being born.  The higher dimensional energies that wash through us during the Solstice alignment are powerful and healing.

2014 is a year for receiving and brings in a new level of mastery; one that is absolutely grounded in love for Self, through a greater level of discernment, awareness and trust in divine timing.  The Universe presents us with gifts constantly and supports us through expansion.  Expansion means letting go of fear, ideas, concepts, relationships etc that do not support growth and greater vision.  Having total trust in letting go and absolute faith in receiving the new, allows for greater flow.  The Universe’s nature is one of balance and it constantly brings us opportunities to remain in balance.

Miracles and magic are with us all the time, we have to listen to our hearts to receive the messages that guide us to take right action and receive for our highest good.  These messages can sometimes go against the grain because hearts do not work on the level of the mind.  Hearts are aligned with truth and with love.

Peace and blessings.

Your Heart is the Master

Can you feel the wave of Love touching every cell of your body and mind, revealing more of who you really are, allowing miracles to flow through you?

Just prior to the recent Equinox the Universe began to turn up the volume again, embracing us with as much Love as we are willing to receive.  All that is required to align with these higher frequencies is to simply receive them.  Be in the present moment.  If there is resistance to your true magnificence at any level, then riding the waves of Love can be a little uncomfortable and some may feel this to be a period of chaos as inner pressures build but this is just a reminder to let go. This supportive energy is aligning you with truth.  Remember that you are not your life situations, you are life itself, eternal and whole.  Simply BE and allow Love.

Your Heart is the Master.

This morning’s sacred poetry through my heart:


a billion stars reflect

the jewel of the heart

resounding eternal joy

Ron Scolastico

I was saddened to hear the news about Ron Scolastico’s serious illness.  Ron is an eminent Transpersonal Psychologist and spiritual teacher.  He has been the voice of ‘The Guides’ for decades, Universal wisdom that has helped over twenty thousand people awaken to their spiritual journey and find answers to life’s challenges.

I am fortunate to have had one reading with Ron which was an experience that will stay with me always. His ability to enter a deep state of consciousness and connect to wisdom outside awareness is breathtaking to experience, love-filled and enlightening.  Ron’s knowledge of the Christ force and our eternal nature is unlike any I have encountered and I am grateful to have received an attunement through him to assist my own work as a spiritual guide and healer.

My prayers go to Ron, his wife Susan and their family over these coming weeks as Ron makes his transition to a new realm. God Bless.

To read about Ron’s work, please see http://www.ronscolastico.com/