Earth Star Chakra

The Earth Star Chakra is located just below the feet and connects us to Mother Earth, aligning us with her core. The Earth Star Chakra grounds and energises our energy system but requires clearance of emotional issues to fully open and function properly. When we are connected deeply to the Earth’s core, our energy field becomes stronger and is able to withstand and integrate the Light transmissions being sent to us from Source in order to raise our frequencies. We are also afforded more protection from outside influences when the energy system is strong.

Earth Star Essence is an energetic tool which works with the Higher Self to bring a complete opening of this important Chakra by re-patterning old fear energies. This allows Light and Spirit to be fully present and grounded on Earth, resulting in greater clarity and strength of purpose.

As the higher frequencies present in Earth Star Essence help to cleanse energetic blocks, this brings balance to the energy flow throughout the body, giving more vitality.

Each bottle of Essence is individually attuned and will work uniquely at a speed determined by the Higher Self.

Our Mother Earth needs as many people as possible to remember their divinity and life’s purpose within the unfolding Universal plan. This small bottle of Essence provides a big step towards that remembrance.

Earth Star Essence Signature ~ You are more than you ever imagined!

Effective for:

* Grounding

* Deepening connection to Mother Earth

* Opening awareness to Elemental energies

* Aligning with Divine Purpose

* Reframing the past

* Strengthening the body and energy system

Place 2 or 3 drops directly on the tongue or in a glass of water 3 times per day or as intuitively guided. A couple of drops placed on the wrists gives an instant energy boost.

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The Power of Peace, Love and Ceremony

Some summers ago, on a clear warm Sunday afternoon, my family took a picnic to the beach. While the children were playing, I took time to lie down and make a conscious connection to the Earth and opened to receive a Crystal Healing attunement. The sun warmed my body and I was soon enveloped in deep peace. I was working with a Smoky Quartz crystal which was one of the first crystals I ever purchased; we had worked together for over twenty years. I lay it in the middle of my chest within my heart chakra area. I had it pointed downwards in order to release some accumulated negativity and tension. Then I drifted in and out of sleep, listening to the sounds of the gulls and my children playing in the near distance.

Suddenly I realised that I couldn’t hear the sound of the waves and we were only about eight feet away from the edge of the sea, which had been fairly choppy and noisy before I lay down. I sat up and saw that the sea had become as serene as a still lake. My husband and I watched small, gentle breaks of water almost trickle their way onto the beach. As we took in this amazing scene, I quietly wondered if my Earth and crystal attunement had also helped the sea into a peaceful still place. Was it possible for my crystal attunement to also affect the water? I asked my guides and nature to give me a clear answer.

For ten minutes, we watched the sea which stayed calm with very little movement. I then lay back down to finish the crystal healing and turned the crystal to face upwards, away from the sea, in order to draw up Earth energy through my energy field and body. As I ended the ceremony, as always, I thanked the crystal and my angels and guides for their help, remaining open for any inspirational wisdom. I then also sent my love and gratitude to the water. As I did this, a wave formed about 20 feet out from the shore and then crashed onto the beach. I sat up again, startled by the noise and my husband who witnessed it, immediately laughed and said, ‘You just made that happen didn’t you? What did you do?’ We sat and watched the sea quickly become still again; there were no more waves.

I asked for a sign and received an answer. Yes, the water had responded to the power of the ceremony. It had calmed due to the healing energy flowing through my consciousness. Then, as I was drawing in powerful Earth energy and blessing the ocean at the same time, this resulted in the sudden physical movement of the water. I don’t believe this would happen with water in a pond or a body of water that has no natural current. It occurred because the sea already has rhythms of movement and these had been temporarily slowed down by the healing power of the attunement. My strong focus and conscious connection to the Earth vibrations, along with the ocean blessing, caused a shift in the movement of the water.

This was a beautiful physical reminder about the power of our conscious thoughts of love, healing and peace.

Everything is energy and we are all connected.

Love and Blessings

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Make Grounding A Priority

I searched for many years for answers and remedies for my own intermittent symptoms of being ungrounded which ranged from light-headedness and dizziness to succumbing to small accidents and anxiety.  I live close to the Earth and spend as much time as possible in nature so I knew there had to be deeper reasons.

As a healer, I worked with Divine guidance to co-create an Essence to help alleviate the symptoms and heal the cause. The results were so life-changing and life-enhancing that Earth Star Essence has gone on to help many people to strengthen their energy body and align with their purpose.  It is now one of the best sellers among the Soul Light Essences range.

Taking positive action to alleviate symptoms such as guided visualisations, exercise and being in nature are beneficial. However, the major cause of being ungrounded are old energy patterns which most of the time run under the surface of our awareness but require healing for deeper and more substantial grounding to take place. Earth Star Essence is an energetic tool which helps to heal the root cause.

Working with Earth Star Essence and the Earth Star Chakra, which is the Chakra that is located just beneath the feet, helps to heal and re-pattern these old fear energies.  This Essence works with the Higher Self to bring a complete opening of this important Chakra allowing Light and Spirit to be fully present on Earth resulting in greater clarity and strength of purpose.

Mother Earth needs more and more people to remember their divinity and life’s purpose within the unfolding Universal plan and grounding of Spirit is an important step in this process.

The Essence’s Signature ~ You are more than you ever imagined!


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Soul Of The Rose


A rose is perfect beauty. Its petals are bound together by love and higher purpose. A rose speaks to us about the joy of being.

Nature teaches as we work with her revealing truth and wisdom. Through her cycles, she reflects our sacred place in eternity. Nature is also the greatest healer. She pours out her love to us constantly and unconditionally.

I began to co-create Essences with nature and spirit after a vision journey which opened my awareness to nature spirits and I am continually guided. By grace I am able to connect with nature in many forms; through flowers, trees, water and crystals to co-create Essences which facilitate healing and transformation.

Edward Bach created his remedies after he learned to work with the signature energy of trees to bring harmony and strength to the vibrational counterpart of the body. The aura is where the first signs of disease are to be found and if imbalances are identified and dealt with at an energetic level, then the body and mind will more easily remain healthy and balanced.

Soul Star Essence was co-created with the beautiful energy of magenta roses and a Selenite crystal. The magenta rose brings higher love through its colour vibration and the soul signature of the rose itself. The Selentite crystal resonates with the Soul Star chakra and angelic realms bringing healing and inner tuition.

This Essence works at a deep level reminding you of your inner beauty and love. It instils confidence through its healing action and shifts awareness to a higher level.

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Magnetic Love


Earth Star Essence is an energetic tool to assist and balance the whole system during times of transformation. The powerful eclipse period and planetary alignments of April/May, together with solar flare activity, caused energetic and physical disturbance in many people.

A solar flare is caused by a build-up of energy around sunspots which release massive amounts of energy into space. The photon energy from solar flare activity affects us at a cellular level as each flare carries a high vibration which then brings to the surface any lower vibrational energy to be cleared.  Scientists now know that after a major solar flare the Earth responds with an increase in earthquake and volcanic activity.

A lot of solar flare activity can cause tiredness, agitation, physical pain, headaches and they can also affect the nervous system. Plenty of rest and an increase of fluids can help to alleviate symptoms.  An increase in vitamins, particularly vitamin B complex and Omega 3 is recommended to support the brain and nervous system.

Earth Star Essence assists during times of transformation that are energetically and emotionally challenging.  It strengthens, protects, grounds and supports the body through stressful conditions and illness.  This Essence brings clarity, increased vitality and sense of purpose.

The waves of Light that embrace us are here to transform what is no longer needed for the new Earth. Change is happening so rapidly that our lives are growing in surprising and unexpected ways. Earth Star Essence helps facilitate peaceful integration and connects us deeply to the nurturing energy of Mother Earth.

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Fairy Blessings


I work closely with crystals and the elemental kingdom providing Crystal Attunements for my clients to assist healing and bring them guidance.  The elemental realms are rich with wonder, delight, joy and a source of such endearing love and inspiration. Their wisdom is bountiful and they are on hand to help all.

I love to be outside in nature embraced by the loving energies that support us but recently I needed to rest indoors while recovering from a virus.  I connected to the elementals through the vibration of a Fairy Quartz crystal.  I lay down with the crystal and aligned myself to the crystal’s energies and the Oversoul of the crystal provided a Healing Attunement for me which was beautiful and uplifting.

The vibration of the Crystal Attunement began tingling through my body and aura, embracing me in waves of warmth and love, similar to the sensations felt during a Reiki treatment.  As the residual negativity was cleared away I realised how much my inner joy had been diminished because of tiredness caused by the virus.  My playful self soon returned and I was again centred in joy.  I am grateful for the guidance received and healing bestowed.

We only have to ask for the help we need and the Light realms will assist us.

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