A Note on Expectation

When I first began channelling in the 1990’s, my energy system was not strong enough to hold higher frequencies for long periods of time and I would temporarily lose consciousness. As I strengthened I would remain awake but I was unable to recall all the details so a witness would kindly write the information or record me speaking and I would listen to it afterwards. It would seem to speed through me at a rate that was faster than my mind could comprehend but my voice would somehow sound the right words. Often the teachings were for me as well as others and I learned to trust and follow the guidance given, learn from it and teach it. Now after two decades and much integration of higher dimensional frequencies, I am not separate from my higher dimensional self.

Universal energies are very supportive, fine and fast flowing since the recent New Moon. Being uplifted into a place of greater clarity and flow often means action is taken quickly and maybe even hastily. This is a moment to bathe in the Light which is embracing us and rest for a while as we integrate the new frequencies. I hope the following guidance will provide a greater understanding of divine timing for all those seeking action for the greater good or provide support for anyone who is dealing with disappointment of any kind. Changing the mind’s perception from one of limitation to one of abundance will greatly help with alignment with this new energy and all that is meant for you will be with you.

The information that follows is through the energetic frequency of ‘Anu,’ guidance which has been with me since my mid-twenties. Anu has taught me many things of an esoteric nature; about energy and higher reality. This guidance was given to me some years ago; it helped me greatly when I needed solace and understanding in a difficult life situation. I eventually aligned with the guidance and it was indeed transformational.

At the time of this channelling, my own understandings were different in many ways and I was challenged by this information. If we expected nothing then what was the point of trying; things seemed futile to me. My own struggle eventually faded as I accepted the higher truth offered. Having no expectation does not mean that we should take no action; it means stepping out of ego and taking the right action at the right time, through love. Now after much practice, I have a greater acceptance of situations. I have an idealistic nature so I still seek to change things for the better but only through alignment with my inner guidance as to what I can change. Energy flows correctly and is in alignment with higher truth when I release a mind expectation of how I think things should be or how I think things should pan out. I accept what is while aligning with the highest outcome for all and I take divinely timed action. This is the place where many miracles occur for myself and others.



“People who suffer great emotional and mental turmoil through disappointment are learning a valuable lesson. Those who suffer disappointment are being challenged by their own expectations.

When there is great expectation, there is always the possibility of great disappointment. All conditions can be improved or changed but not always in the way that is understood by an individual who may limit the outcomes that are possible if they hold a rigid mindset. With this knowing, let go of expectation through the mind as this encourages a fear of failure. Knowing through the heart and trust in spirit is essential. If an attempt to improve circumstances appears to fail, a different approach can be taken with determination, courage and faith. In most instances, a change of perception is all that is required.

When many things have been tried and one is weary, then this is a life experience where great learning is taking place and there is a possibility for awakening or deeper awakening. Much is revealed about a human personality in such circumstances. Never give up; learn, try again if appropriate and remain strong in spirit. Be open to the change that is trying to enter one’s life through challenge. Surrender and allow the change; allow awakening.

The ending of circumstances offers a transition into higher knowing. The more challenging the experience, then often the greater opportunity has been created by the Soul and the personality for deeper transformation. Spiritual transformations occur more readily now without the necessity of demise of the physical body and often with a strengthening of the body occurring as a consequence. A great choice was made by many old Souls to be present in the physical form at this time, holding higher frequencies, for humanity and Earth’s ascension.

When an individual understands that they are perfect, they do not need to look to the outside world for validation as other people’s perceptions cannot alter the truth and awareness of their own flawless nature. Enlightenment is an inner journey to understand and know this perfection. Improvement of conditions often occurs as a natural consequence of awakening. Access to deeper truth continues as Earth life continues.

To be free of struggle, know your Divinity. Remain a passive observer of outer conditions. Respond kindly to others. Reflect to others more of their own true nature, especially when they have forgotten. Spread your wings like the dove and soar with peace.

All Earthly conditions and experiences hold a possibility for improvement through alignment with higher truth. It is then through God awareness, that this understanding is reached; there is nothing to improve as all is perfect.


Ocean of Love – Healing

The ‘Ocean of Love’ divination and healing stones came into being on 8th of August 2015 in North Wales, during a retreat on the mystical isle of Anglesey. I have a deep spiritual connection with Ynys Mon and have worked with Earth energy at its many sacred sites; clearing, healing and activating ley lines on many occasions over the past twenty years.

We are all portals of consciousness and I believe we incarnate with the ability to access other spiritual gateways when it is divinely timed for us to do so.

Aligning with the New Moon energies and the energies of the 88 Stargate portal, I opened deeply into the Earth consciousness. As far as I have been able to ascertain there are seven levels of Earth consciousness. As a light bearer I can connect with and channel Earth and Universal energies; co-creating, holding and grounding portals of energy through my own consciousness. This I usually do to help Mother Earth, to balance her and create stability in areas where there has been trauma or negativity. When I opened to guidance, I understood that this healing portal was a gift for healing both humans and the Earth. I was quickly given the structure and higher dimensional aspects. Although, the healing frequencies were channelled through me, the stones now hold the energies and I can step in and out of the frequency strands as need be, to connect others or to help the Earth.

Each stone is attuned to and resonates with a higher dimensional frequency which is held and grounded within deep Earth energies. Holding a stone quickly balances the mind, energy system and emotions. The healing energy neutralizes excess energy and also increases energy if needed, bringing balance.

Healing always works on some level but sometimes patterns can be repeated if they are not fully understood and let go of. It is helpful for us to understand what we are working on, knowing that we are being helped and are in a position to help ourselves. ‘Ocean of Love’ stones can help you understand your healing process through the key words on each stone. So far, the healing energies have brought an easier transmutation process to those who work with them, with a permanent release of some fear patterns.

There are 33 ‘Ocean of Love’ stones and I am offering a ‘one stone’ healing, free of charge.

If you wish to work with the energies of ‘Ocean of Love’, then please send me an email with your chosen number between 1 and 33. I will reply with the word written on your chosen stone and the colour frequency. Receipt of my email will connect you to the corresponding healing attunement when you are ready.

You are in charge of this process at all times. If you are new to working with energy and light, then the following affirmations may be useful to work with.

When you wish to begin working with the healing energy, affirm “I now receive the energy of my chosen ‘Ocean of Love’ healing frequencies. I receive this attunement for my highest good and wellbeing.”

When you wish to stop working with the healing energy, affirm “I now end my connection to the Ocean of Love healing frequencies.”

You can connect for as long as you feel you need to. If you wish to make another connection to the healing portal, please send me a further email with your chosen number between 1 and 33. Subsequent connections will be charged at £25 per connection. Your contact details are completely confidential and will not be used for any other purpose.

Email …  mail@jacquelinenicoll.com


Solar Eclipse – Endings and Beginnings

The recent solar eclipse was a powerful instigator of change. With Piscean energy of such magnitude, an awareness of truth beyond normal understanding often occurs, and with it, a psychic opening and liberation of sorts. But within this energy, we may also question what we know as things change within. What is illusion? What is truth? The eclipse has brought some significant endings which lie in deeply rooted misconceptions within the psyche and minds of humanity. This is a time of paradox and illumination.

The continual shedding of the old through rapid transformation has caused a whirlwind dance with oneness. We sometimes struggle to keep aligned with our individual and collective destiny through the intensity. But this rapid transformation has also brought greater capacity for more and more people to find a deeper understanding of spirit and to make choices through the power of love. We are all connected and what we create, we create for all. As we embody more of our higher wisdom and consciousness, our vibration and authentic presence touches all.

Within the confines of time and space, there is also the experience of timelessness. It is accessible through our higher consciousness; an awareness which is free from all spiritual prejudice, hierarchy or initiation. We have always been whole in this physical form; vibrating at a frequency needed for an earth realm existence, but whole and perfect nonetheless. The Universe loudly proclaims, ‘I wish for you what you wish for yourself as we are one.’ In the deepest parts of our hearts, the desire is and has always been the same; to recognise our wholeness and perfection in physical form. The Universe lovingly responds to the truth of our hearts, bringing all the opportunities and choices to make this desire possible.

We can confidently spring into spring (or autumn) with this beautiful uplifting energy and the feeling of a soul satisfying sense of completion. Collectively we have reached a time of deeper recognition of our wholeness. This is being experienced by more and more people as an acceleration of an opening to spirit. For the minority who are already aligned with the pulse of their heart; the rhythm that beats in time with the Universe, a profound and lasting spiritual joy and deep love is constantly present now.

The Alpha and the Omega dance at a point of completion within the cosmos. The heavens sing the first notes of a new cycle, rich with positive growth and opportunity. Here in the northern hemisphere, the earth is awakening. Soil that has been richly cultivated and lovingly cared for is beginning to show signs of new life bursting from within its vast hidden potential. Similar to our own spiritual growth, given optimum growing conditions, everything is possible.

Love and authenticity create deep peace within and love is the solid foundation upon which we can grow, learn, create and reach our highest potential.