The Power of Peace, Love and Ceremony

Some summers ago, on a clear warm Sunday afternoon, my family took a picnic to the beach. While the children were playing, I took time to lie down and make a conscious connection to the Earth and opened to receive a Crystal Healing attunement. The sun warmed my body and I was soon enveloped in deep peace. I was working with a Smoky Quartz crystal which was one of the first crystals I ever purchased; we had worked together for over twenty years. I lay it in the middle of my chest within my heart chakra area. I had it pointed downwards in order to release some accumulated negativity and tension. Then I drifted in and out of sleep, listening to the sounds of the gulls and my children playing in the near distance.

Suddenly I realised that I couldn’t hear the sound of the waves and we were only about eight feet away from the edge of the sea, which had been fairly choppy and noisy before I lay down. I sat up and saw that the sea had become as serene as a still lake. My husband and I watched small, gentle breaks of water almost trickle their way onto the beach. As we took in this amazing scene, I quietly wondered if my Earth and crystal attunement had also helped the sea into a peaceful still place. Was it possible for my crystal attunement to also affect the water? I asked my guides and nature to give me a clear answer.

For ten minutes, we watched the sea which stayed calm with very little movement. I then lay back down to finish the crystal healing and turned the crystal to face upwards, away from the sea, in order to draw up Earth energy through my energy field and body. As I ended the ceremony, as always, I thanked the crystal and my angels and guides for their help, remaining open for any inspirational wisdom. I then also sent my love and gratitude to the water. As I did this, a wave formed about 20 feet out from the shore and then crashed onto the beach. I sat up again, startled by the noise and my husband who witnessed it, immediately laughed and said, ‘You just made that happen didn’t you? What did you do?’ We sat and watched the sea quickly become still again; there were no more waves.

I asked for a sign and received an answer. Yes, the water had responded to the power of the ceremony. It had calmed due to the healing energy flowing through my consciousness. Then, as I was drawing in powerful Earth energy and blessing the ocean at the same time, this resulted in the sudden physical movement of the water. I don’t believe this would happen with water in a pond or a body of water that has no natural current. It occurred because the sea already has rhythms of movement and these had been temporarily slowed down by the healing power of the attunement. My strong focus and conscious connection to the Earth vibrations, along with the ocean blessing, caused a shift in the movement of the water.

This was a beautiful physical reminder about the power of our conscious thoughts of love, healing and peace.

Everything is energy and we are all connected.

Love and Blessings

Soul Light Essences co-created with the energy of crystals …

‘Oceans Calling’ ~ A picture book about the power of crystals …

Sacred Journeys

Last year I was guided to expand my spiritual work at sacred sites in the UK into other parts of Europe beginning in Ireland on the September Harvest full moon. A year has past and the abundant Harvest Moon is ripe once more; a powerful super moon in Pisces energizing the final weeks of summer with heightened intuition and sensitivity, marking a pathway for the upcoming Equinox.

Although I suffered a fractured foot earlier this year, I was up and about, free from crutches in time to lead a group on a summer solstice sacred journey to Belgium. My guides have taught me much over the years about sacred portals and the nature spirits provide constant guidance which never fails to leave me in awe and wonder. Along with some English sacred sites, I have also had the pleasure of visiting France this summer.

In August, I visited the Loire Valley, an area I consider to be the soul of France. It’s an ancient, historical land fed by the rich waters of the river that runs through it. There were many beautiful connections made here at Blois, Chartres Cathedral and Amboise but my favourite and most unexpected was at Chateau Du Clos Luce, the home of Leonardo da Vinci. Here I opened into a deep understanding of this man and his work. Through the lovingly kept rooms and artifacts in his home, I was able to touch into some soul understandings of the creative force behind him. He was a courageous old soul, deeply connected to the beauty of form and a channel for higher wisdom.

It was not until walking around the gardens that I made the deepest connection to Leonardo and understood the significance of this land in the final years of his life. Upon reaching the herb garden, I connected to his soul patterns through nature and was able to bring the group into the awareness of the frequencies of the Earth at this place; both then and now. Below is an excerpt from my journal:

“We walked with reverence along the garden path which suddenly gave way to three notes, music from the elementals; the sound vibration of the Earth on which this part of the garden grows and that which sustains it. Three notes blending in perfect harmony. My senses were filled with this simple yet melodic sound. These notes assist the shoots in the earth to find their way from the soil into the light of the sun above and also encourage forward movement and abundant growth.

Did Leonardo hear these notes or simply dwell among the vibration in silent contemplation; the resonance also beckoning forth shoots from his imagination into the dimension of form?

Leonardo was thrilled that Amboise and its landscape were so similar to his much loved and missed home in Italy. I feel the Earth energies in Italy and France to be very different from one another but yes, here in Amboise, there is a little touch of Italy. It was with his intellectual connection, his propensity to spiritual alignment, mixed with the beautiful French earth frequencies that enabled him to work so passionately and diligently on his inventions and art in those final three years of his life. He was sustained, not only by King Francois I admiration, but more importantly through his spiritual organic connection to the Earth beneath his feet, his full awareness of the consciousness of the air in his lungs and the vegetarian diet he ate which was harvested from the gardens that surrounded him.’

The Earth speaks to all who love her. She reveals secrets to those who take the time to walk her ley lines and rest a while upon her energy centres in love and respect. We can feel the Earth’s energy nourish us through sacred connection and ceremony yet she also draws upon the wisdom of our own souls. She is joy filled at human remembrance of her energies, that are invisible to most, but that sustain all life here and she is our partner in co-creation of Earthly manifestations.

A journey into nature and to sacred Earth serves many purposes:

A time to relax and share with likeminded people
Be re-connected to the rhythm of nature
Receive healing
Learn about the mysteries of sacred sites
Learn to work with the energy of nature spirits
Learn to listen and communicate with the Earth
Participate in healing of the Earth
Open the heart chakra to deeper levels of love, joy and compassion

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Wherever beauty looks, Love is also there

All through eternity

Beauty unveils his exquisite form

in the solitude of nothingness;

He holds a mirror to his face

and beholds his own beauty.

He is the knower and the known,

the seer and the seen;

No eye but his own

has ever looked upon this Universe.

His every quality finds an expression:

Eternity becomes the verdant field of Time and Space;

Love, the life-giving garden of this world.

Every branch and leaf and fruit

Reveals an aspect of his perfection –

The cypress give hint of his majesty,

The rose gives tidings of his beauty.

Wherever beauty looks,

Love is also there;

Wherever beauty shows a rosy cheek

Love lights her fire from that flame.

When beauty dwells in the dark folds of night

Love comes and finds a heart

entangled in tresses.

Beauty and Love are as body and soul.

Beauty is the mine, Love is the diamond.

They have together

since the beginning of time –

Side by side, step by step.

~ Rumi ~

Acts of Appreciation

The Summer Solstice this year is on Saturday 21st June and is a golden opportunity to connect to our sacred Earth and the rhythm of the cosmos. The sun is at maximum power and the Earth Mother is at her maximum growth in the Northern Hemisphere.


By taking time to attune to the Solstice energies through quiet contemplation or celebration, it becomes easier to connect to the nourishment which we are all receiving from nature constantly. At the centre of the Earth’s cycle is the sun and at the centre of the life cycle is the Soul. This is an opportune time to celebrate the gifts given to us by the Earth at this point in her cycle and for life lived here.


Living in gratitude is our natural state of Being. To be in the awareness of gratitude instantly brings any disparate parts of the personality into higher alignment with love. I have known of teachings that suggest writing a list of the things and people we are grateful for with an intention to cleanse and re-align. This is a positive exercise but to truly work with the power of gratitude, it also needs to be put into physical action through acts of appreciation.


An act of appreciation is the essence of gratitude made manifest.


It is our natural inner state of quiet gratitude for life that keeps our bodies well and working in the amazing and intricate ways that they do. Conscious awareness of this, followed by physical self-appreciation and self-love, makes miracles happen. Appreciate your wonderful body by eating well, exercising it and balancing work, rest and play. This aligns you with the inner truth of your Being and promotes harmony, healing and wellness. All you need to know is inside of you and when body and mind are aligned, the body will let you know instinctively what it needs to eat and do to be well, relative to your own unique makeup. It is grateful for life.


If you sometimes feel negative or unworthy and it is affecting your actions and thoughts, then reach out and show appreciation to someone who deserves your recognition. Notice how the energy of this action also lifts you into a higher vibration.


When anyone does a good deed for you, always let them have your genuine appreciation. This elevates the goodness and value in the original deed done. Appreciation has an unseen magical ripple effect that can positively affect many other people and situations. This metaphysical understanding is simple, and when brought into the physical realm through awareness, intention and right action, it is very powerful.


At Solstice, take time to appreciate all the goodness in your life and the goodness you have brought to others and the Earth.  Knowing you are Divinely loved and appreciated keeps you awake and in deeper awareness, connected to your true identity as a beautiful Soul, no matter the outer circumstances. Divine Love is pouring through you at all times. Acknowledging this, can help you make a permanent conscious bridge to Divine Love, which will elevate your life and in turn elevate the lives of many other people.


Every Summer Solstice I make an outer pilgrimage to a sacred site in the UK, usually a sacred stone circle, to meditate and celebrate.  This year I am visiting Bruges in Belgium and its surrounding area to assist with Earth work in this ancient area.  Working with the spirit of a place is an honour and a joy and I am looking forward to meeting with the essence of this land and its people at the weekend.


May you be blessed with vitality, joy and deep connection to all that you are and all that you do, in Love, this Solstice time.


Peace and Blessings


Magical June

June is beginning with a high frequency portal this week which is quite beautiful.  I have worked with Unicorn energy for many years and have written a children’s book about their presence which is now being illustrated ready for publication.  Unicorns are unconditional love in their nature and bring healing; they bathe us in high frequency light which we then absorb.  Any negative emotions that you may be experiencing now are information for change.  They are a guidance system to cultivate true self-awareness.  Take time in these coming weeks to connect to the magical energies available and embrace positive change.


How often have you defined your goals, set off in the direction of your dreams with great enthusiasm to be blocked at the next turn? You have an aspiration, and with this come the ideas of what you want to achieve.  For some, the end result soon becomes the only important factor and when this is not achieved quickly enough or in the way expected, there is a failure to see the goodness and growth in the steps that were taken.


Many people turn away from their goals because the road becomes uncomfortable or the goal seems more unobtainable than when they started.  With mindfulness, it becomes clear that the end result is not the main reason for the journey. The aspiration in itself and the seeking directs the journey. Each step becomes infused with grace and joy when it is a step taken in the direction of great purpose. Each step is infused with the power of now. That power, when harnessed, can even bring you something better than you had imagined.


Consciousness evolution is here and now. A heart centred on the very moment of now, the place of the eternal, is a heart that knows how far it has come and its own enlightenment. When we truly listen to that which is beyond and deeper than our every day existence and ego, into the depths of the mystery and into the heart of the Universe, then we are always in a place of peace and greater expansion.


June sees Mercury in retrograde which reveals truth in sometimes unexpected ways.  Allow the truth to help you let go of any outdated thoughts and surrender your Will to the Greater Will.  Adapting to the pace of change will occur with greater ease.  Where truth is revealed as negative, then take back your power from those you have given it away to and retain your values and purpose. Be mindful though not to misread others communication with this energy and always respond from a place of peace. Work with the energies to understand yourself more deeply and whatever may be limiting your expansion.  Enjoy liberating your Self and stepping into greater freedom and higher wisdom.


Enjoy the presence of magical Unicorns and other high vibrational beings in your life; they are here for you and walk with you every step of the way.  If you would like a connection to these higher vibrational energies or spiritual guidance for your own evolutionary path, please contact me through


Peace and Blessings

Soul Light Essence for June ~ Higher Service Essence …



May’s Energies and Wesak

The intense energy throughout April was a challenge for some. The higher dimensional frequencies are supporting transformation and positive action. The mind and emotions try to create separation but in truth there is no separation. I found April’s energies to be uplifting and creative as I consciously and gently aligned, allowing my consciousness to expand, inner illumination being the natural consequence.


The ability to look within at the shadow and find the energy to awaken the transformation process is not always easy. The Universe is Love, and when we surrender and stand out of the way (ego), we are aligned.  Emotions can overwhelm people in times of intense transformation revealing what needs healing, accepting or changing. Some of my clients had a very bumpy ride, others found inner balance more quickly. I am honoured to work with such wonderful people on their spiritual and healing journey. April was a time to detach from drama and illusion created by others and our own ego, giving greater focus to peace, nature, self care and joy. Gratitude always keeps us aligned with truth and April offered opportunity for deeper practice of this value.


Love, kindness and compassion are all that is ever needed on this Earth to fully experience a life well lived in each moment. In truth, we are Love. We are expanding in awareness and serving the Divine plan in all that we do, in the presence of love. Awareness grows through aligning with the Love that we are.


After the intensity of last month, May will be quieter generally for everyone. The powerful full moon in Taurus/Scorpio is on 14th/15th May and this is Wesak Day. It’s the celebration of the Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and death. May’s energies are conducive to healing, silent contemplation, going within and enjoying expanding awareness.  A wonderful opportunity is upon us to spend time in meditation and silent prayer, to give thanks and receive Buddha blessings, aligning with inner wisdom, love and beauty.


Wesak is also about being in the present moment; the past, present and future being here now. Unity Essence is my chosen Essence for May and was co-created in nature with a Sequoia tree in 2011. Unity Essence was given to me in preparation for the new paradigm, for the here and now.

Peace and Blessings

Eclipses and Illuminations

The full lunar eclipse energies are coming to a peak now. These energies have been building for some time and I know many are feeling the intensity. January’s New Moon saw the beginning of this new wave of light and the expansion of the Divine Feminine. The oracle card I chose this morning was the ‘children’ card. Play, play, play is the message. Nurture the inner child and even be among and play games with children if you can. I have been on a nature walk with my family this afternoon and we played in the uplifting and beautiful energies of the woods to keep our vibrations high.


During my early morning meditation I was given these words, ‘And so the Passover begins.’ My immediate thought was of the Jewish celebration of Passover but I had no idea when this occurred. I researched and found it does actually begin this evening and I then understood the context of the guidance given. Passover is the celebration of the time when Moses led many out of slavery into freedom. This is what the April energies are all about; liberation into higher ground for many more people. Some deeper hidden patterns that run through us individually and collectively in the unconscious and which have been holding many captive in fear and inner conflict are being illuminated at this time. These darker energies can sometimes be felt while they are released through the light which illuminates them, providing an opportunity to be fully understood as they dissolve. The Eastertide celebration, probably the most significant of the Christian festivities, is also nearly here with a focus on rebirth and regeneration.


I planned ahead intuitively for this week and my family are taking a spring break to be in nature and relax. It is important to keep your vibration high right now and throughout the rest of April to make the most of what is on offer by the Universe. If you are unable to take a break this week, then try to slow down a little and bring lightness into your daily work.


To help with alignment, feel the current energies through your heart space and not through the mind. A Divine heart/mind connection will bring balance to any inner conflict. To further assist the process of purification, drink plenty of water and take cleansing baths with Epsom salts if possible. Eat lightly and healthily. Walk in nature, communing with the elementals. Receive healing to raise your vibration. Meditation and mindfulness are a must; remembering that the past and the future are all here now and we are creating our next moment. Take responsibility for your own inner space and allow each moment to be love.

Without positive focus and alignment, many people may feel they are being dragged through what is being released or struggle with conflict, rather than being in the love and higher vibration that is pouring through. This is temporary and there is always the support of spirit available. Currently, there is a furthering of the separation from emotions that seek to define us but are just an illusory perception of who we are. If feeling challenged, spend some time in silence and prayer and ask your angels/guides for help in aligning you to your higher self and highest vision which will immediately place you on higher ground and this is what April’s energies are all about. Bringing a new sense of freedom and further expansion, it is a magical time full of new possibilities and miracles; the time for planting new seeds is now upon us.


Know that you are supported by love in every moment.


Energetic support and alignment through Soul Light Essences …


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Prayers and Healing – Malaysian Air Incident

I was opened dramatically into seeing into other realms when I lost my baby son 14 years ago. The night before he was due to be born, I awoke to the mighty presence of golden angels and was surrounded by beautiful heavenly love. They were there to help his transition into the next realm and bring me comfort. It is probably the closest we can be to death, other than our own, when the life of a baby inside the womb passes over. Through this trauma and loss, my awareness opened and I found healing and courage, eventually using my gifts to help and guide others.


Two nights before the recent Malaysian plane incident, I woke in the night to the sound of an aeroplane flying very low over my house; it was very loud. I sat up and realised the sound was in my clairaudience and not actually in the physical realm. I was then shown a clairvoyant picture of an aeroplane coloured red, white and blue over an expanse of water and I knew that the plane was going to crash. Then, as is always the case in these situations, the whole scene was flooded with white, golden light and the feeling was of divine love. I saw the guides and angels present and I could see the light to which those souls involved were headed in the near distance.


Slightly disorientated, I thought of contacting all airlines who fly red, white and blue planes. I searched my memory to find the specific name of the airline or the place involved. I asked for guidance and understood that because I am not given specific details, it is a situation that is already running its own course, part of divine cosmic order and so I prayed and provided inter-dimensional healing. Two days later, an aeroplane is reported as lost.


I have refrained from publishing this Blog until now out of respect for the families concerned as I was guided to provide inter-dimensional assistance through prayers and healing, not be involved in the practicalities of location and recovery. I am not sure whether any intuitive was given information of this sort by the way the investigation has gone. If they were, then perhaps as is still often the case, the information was dismissed.

My heart goes out to all relatives and friends of those who lost their lives. I know that all souls involved instantly passed into the next realm embraced by such immense love, peace and protection. It is those people left behind that suffer the most in these circumstances and I hope these words offer comfort to all who have lost loved ones suddenly.


An opportunity was given for myself, and I am sure other healers and intuitives around the world, to bring light, healing and prayer to this situation before it occurred in the physical realm thus bridging heaven and earth. Also an opportunity was given to bring the relatives and friends of those involved into the vibration of higher love. A prayer brings healing, a prayer offers a bridge to greater understanding and forgiveness, a prayer brings through the power of love and connects people to higher truth. All prayers are powerful and work for the highest good.


The higher dimensions are beautiful and free from the pain and fear that is created in this physical realm. God bless all those involved in this tragedy.


In truth, love is all there is.


The Power of Picture Books

There is so much literature available for adult self-development and spiritual growth; wonderful books by many gifted authors that assist us to improve our lives and inspire us to walk our own true path. Have you noticed that there is limited availability of equivalent literature for children?


When my three children were younger I searched for children’s books that reflected my own spiritual understandings and values, knowing that picture books have the power to serve as windows and mirrors for a child’s experience and that of others. As there was, and still is, limited literature to help children understand universal wisdom, I began to write guided visualizations for my own children. I observed how the guided imagery ignited their imagination, helping to reveal their potential through an understanding of their own passions, hopes and dreams. I then re-wrote the visualizations and created picture book stories for like-minded parents and teachers to share with their own children and pupils. A couple of years later, after many rejection letters but an ever hopeful heart, my first manuscript was accepted by a publisher and then later a second one.


Born to love frogs Brumby-1 (Small)Born to Love Frogs’ has been beautifully illustrated by a young award winning Australian artist who was only 18 years old when he was commissioned. The book celebrates children and their gifts and talents. The story honors the unique way each child makes a positive difference to the world.


‘Oceans Calling’ is the underwater adventure of a young girl and a mermaid. Deep beneath the ocean they find a secret which reveals to them the power that love has to heal the water, marine life and ultimately the whole world.


The stories are written for 4 to 9 year olds but are equally enjoyed by tiny tots, teens and adults. Both books offer a holistic experience through interactive activities at the end of the stories which enhance and build upon the themes and sharing experience.


I am a passionate writer and I love inspiring children to enjoy and connect with nature. My own close relationship to nature and my work as a healer and therapist have shown me how important natural outside play is for children for the healthy development of their minds, emotions and bodies. Children are the future caretakers of our beautiful planet and what we teach them about the environment and allow them to experience will help shape the Earth’s future. The books have been created in conjunction with Ecolibris who are an organization dedicated to making reading more sustainable. Over a thousand new trees have been planted for both books. A proportion of the books’ royalties are also donated to charities.

Oceans Calling (Small)

My passion for writing and promoting children’s mind, body and spirit literature has led me to develop interactive workshops which I present to primary schools. They are designed to encourage and inspire children to celebrate their gifts and talents through creative writing, poetry and fun activities.


What began as an outer search for inspiration has led me on an inner journey of self-discovery, vision and creativity. By following my heart and taking action, which are messages contained within the books, I followed my passion for positive change. I am grateful to be involved in and share the joy of other people’s passions and potential; to inspire and be inspired.  This value is embraced in the following quote from ‘Born to Love Frogs,’ “One person makes a difference in all they think, feel and say. One person can show the world a very different way.”


To read more about my work as an author, healer and therapist, please see

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Forgiveness is an act of Love
Forgiveness is a Divine gift
Forgiveness pours Light into the shadow
Forgiveness reveals purity

To hold any resentment or hurt is to walk in another’s shadow. This is an illusion which keeps you separate from truth and peace. In truth there is no separation. Bring those who are lost into your heart. Offer them and yourself peace.

You are forgiven
You are healed
You are whole
You are Love

Walk in peace!