Happy New Year – Living our Divinity

As I walk upon the Earth, enjoying the opportunity of life here, I am in deep appreciation of this beautiful planet and the immense love that I know pours through us all in every moment and in all circumstances.

I hope you are in love with life today. I wish to remind you of how beautiful you are and to also remind you of how much you are loved at all times. If you are feeling disconnected in any way, it would be my honour to help you. From now until the 7th January, I am offering a FREE first connection to the ‘Ocean of Love’ healing frequencies as my gift to you.

The recent phase of empowerment leading up to the Solstice made a pathway for the new to begin being created in our lives as we entered into the energies of the new Solar Year. This phase helped many to release that which was no longer needed and bring cycles to a close. There has been such a lot of fear energy on the Earth this year and particularly in the past three months. I have spent a lot of time acting as a channel for spirit to clean the ethers wherever I have gone. Energy is always changing but it really does need transmuting if it is heavy, fear based  and prolonged. A prayer for peace is very powerful. Having worked as a healer for over twenty years, I am able to perceive the subtle energies of spirit and I know how a prayer said with true intent and reverence really does work if it is for the highest good, by anyone who asks. We have free will on Earth but higher help, healing and protection is always available when it is needed. A loving prayer is answered; not always in the way it is requested, but always for the highest good possible.

If you are new to the understanding of Being and Doing, please work with the ‘Ocean of Love’ healing frequencies to help you align with the deep peace that is within and in doing so, bring more peace to Earth. Begin with a mindful approach to all that you do while working with the healing energies, then your higher self will respond to your request to know more and begin to reveal and show you the joy, peace, simplicity and the truth of your Being. Once it is truly experienced, it is unlikely you will forget or want to return to doing anything without awareness and connection to your loving presence. It’s not something myself or anyone else can teach or give but an experienced mentor and powerful energetic tools can be really helpful to provide clarity or the healing of any blockages or stubborn negative patterns that may be prohibiting a deeper spiritual connection. If you feel I can help in any way, please email me. I know that spiritual awakening is here for everyone now.

Many people are searching for peace, some clutching onto old belief systems with the power hungry and ego driven among us still dancing the same old steps when there is a new dance, for the good of all, that they cannot yet perceive. So looking for peace in the outside world is not going to bring any real truth or clarity about life. The nearest reflection to truth outside of us is in nature; in the stillness, in the beauty and in the wonder.

To look and contemplate upon a rose is to know the truth of all creation.

Being is simply the way. There is no goal in our lives; the life journey lived within our Divine presence is the goal, permeating all that we give our time and attention to. To live aligned with our Divinity  is to live an awakened life filled with higher love, peace and joy. It is through presence, that we really change the world for our love is far reaching and deeply healing and yet, in our state of being, we feel no real need to change the world through any forceful action. True power is love and love knows the way. Our peace and higher love fills a room, a building, a community and this love is the catalyst for awakening others; to help them re-connect.

To receive free healing or spiritual guidance during the next week, please browse my website for more information about ‘Ocean of Love’ and send me an email to request a connection with your chosen number.

Wishing you a peaceful, healthy and love filled 2017.










Update on the ‘Ocean of Love’ Healing Portal

Thank you to all of you who are making connections, feedback has been very positive and uplifting.

The page on my website relating to the ‘Ocean of Love’ Healing Portal has been updated in response to your questions. To help others and for clarification, here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions so far.

Yes, an initial connection to the Portal is free of charge, giving everyone who resonates, an opportunity to benefit from some healing and experience an attunement.

After I make the connection for you and contact you by email, then you are in control of the process from that point. Some people have wished to experience the healing while they sleep, others while they meditate and some, as they go about their daily business. There is no wrong or right way.

People have aligned with the healing energies from half an hour to up to forty-eight hours, depending on their situation. Once you make a decision to disconnect, then that is the end of the connection to the Portal energies.

If you wish to work with the healing frequencies again in another session, even with the same number or numbers, then a new connection to the Portal must be made. There are two reasons for this:

1.What you were working on in the first connection to the Portal has received the precise healing frequency it needed at that time, however long you connected for.

2. As you heal and transform, the energy connection changes with each attunement.

After the first free attunement, further connections to the Portal are charged at £25 per session, payable through my website.

Thank you for connecting and sharing.












Ocean of Love – Healing

The ‘Ocean of Love’ divination and healing stones came into being on 8th of August 2015 in North Wales, during a retreat on the mystical isle of Anglesey. I have a deep spiritual connection with Ynys Mon and have worked with Earth energy at its many sacred sites; clearing, healing and activating ley lines on many occasions over the past twenty years.

We are all portals of consciousness and I believe we incarnate with the ability to access other spiritual gateways when it is divinely timed for us to do so.

Aligning with the New Moon energies and the energies of the 88 Stargate portal, I opened deeply into the Earth consciousness. As far as I have been able to ascertain there are seven levels of Earth consciousness. As a light bearer I can connect with and channel Earth and Universal energies; co-creating, holding and grounding portals of energy through my own consciousness. This I usually do to help Mother Earth, to balance her and create stability in areas where there has been trauma or negativity. When I opened to guidance, I understood that this healing portal was a gift for healing both humans and the Earth. I was quickly given the structure and higher dimensional aspects. Although, the healing frequencies were channelled through me, the stones now hold the energies and I can step in and out of the frequency strands as need be, to connect others or to help the Earth.

Each stone is attuned to and resonates with a higher dimensional frequency which is held and grounded within deep Earth energies. Holding a stone quickly balances the mind, energy system and emotions. The healing energy neutralizes excess energy and also increases energy if needed, bringing balance.

Healing always works on some level but sometimes patterns can be repeated if they are not fully understood and let go of. It is helpful for us to understand what we are working on, knowing that we are being helped and are in a position to help ourselves. ‘Ocean of Love’ stones can help you understand your healing process through the key words on each stone. So far, the healing energies have brought an easier transmutation process to those who work with them, with a permanent release of some fear patterns.

There are 33 ‘Ocean of Love’ stones and I am offering a ‘one stone’ healing, free of charge.

If you wish to work with the energies of ‘Ocean of Love’, then please send me an email with your chosen number between 1 and 33. I will reply with the word written on your chosen stone and the colour frequency. Receipt of my email will connect you to the corresponding healing attunement when you are ready.

You are in charge of this process at all times. If you are new to working with energy and light, then the following affirmations may be useful to work with.

When you wish to begin working with the healing energy, affirm “I now receive the energy of my chosen ‘Ocean of Love’ healing frequencies. I receive this attunement for my highest good and wellbeing.”

When you wish to stop working with the healing energy, affirm “I now end my connection to the Ocean of Love healing frequencies.”

You can connect for as long as you feel you need to. If you wish to make another connection to the healing portal, please send me a further email with your chosen number between 1 and 33. Subsequent connections will be charged at £25 per connection. Your contact details are completely confidential and will not be used for any other purpose.

Email …  mail@jacquelinenicoll.com


Wherever beauty looks, Love is also there

All through eternity

Beauty unveils his exquisite form

in the solitude of nothingness;

He holds a mirror to his face

and beholds his own beauty.

He is the knower and the known,

the seer and the seen;

No eye but his own

has ever looked upon this Universe.

His every quality finds an expression:

Eternity becomes the verdant field of Time and Space;

Love, the life-giving garden of this world.

Every branch and leaf and fruit

Reveals an aspect of his perfection –

The cypress give hint of his majesty,

The rose gives tidings of his beauty.

Wherever beauty looks,

Love is also there;

Wherever beauty shows a rosy cheek

Love lights her fire from that flame.

When beauty dwells in the dark folds of night

Love comes and finds a heart

entangled in tresses.

Beauty and Love are as body and soul.

Beauty is the mine, Love is the diamond.

They have together

since the beginning of time –

Side by side, step by step.

~ Rumi ~

Prayers and Healing – Malaysian Air Incident

I was opened dramatically into seeing into other realms when I lost my baby son 14 years ago. The night before he was due to be born, I awoke to the mighty presence of golden angels and was surrounded by beautiful heavenly love. They were there to help his transition into the next realm and bring me comfort. It is probably the closest we can be to death, other than our own, when the life of a baby inside the womb passes over. Through this trauma and loss, my awareness opened and I found healing and courage, eventually using my gifts to help and guide others.


Two nights before the recent Malaysian plane incident, I woke in the night to the sound of an aeroplane flying very low over my house; it was very loud. I sat up and realised the sound was in my clairaudience and not actually in the physical realm. I was then shown a clairvoyant picture of an aeroplane coloured red, white and blue over an expanse of water and I knew that the plane was going to crash. Then, as is always the case in these situations, the whole scene was flooded with white, golden light and the feeling was of divine love. I saw the guides and angels present and I could see the light to which those souls involved were headed in the near distance.


Slightly disorientated, I thought of contacting all airlines who fly red, white and blue planes. I searched my memory to find the specific name of the airline or the place involved. I asked for guidance and understood that because I am not given specific details, it is a situation that is already running its own course, part of divine cosmic order and so I prayed and provided inter-dimensional healing. Two days later, an aeroplane is reported as lost.


I have refrained from publishing this Blog until now out of respect for the families concerned as I was guided to provide inter-dimensional assistance through prayers and healing, not be involved in the practicalities of location and recovery. I am not sure whether any intuitive was given information of this sort by the way the investigation has gone. If they were, then perhaps as is still often the case, the information was dismissed.

My heart goes out to all relatives and friends of those who lost their lives. I know that all souls involved instantly passed into the next realm embraced by such immense love, peace and protection. It is those people left behind that suffer the most in these circumstances and I hope these words offer comfort to all who have lost loved ones suddenly.


An opportunity was given for myself, and I am sure other healers and intuitives around the world, to bring light, healing and prayer to this situation before it occurred in the physical realm thus bridging heaven and earth. Also an opportunity was given to bring the relatives and friends of those involved into the vibration of higher love. A prayer brings healing, a prayer offers a bridge to greater understanding and forgiveness, a prayer brings through the power of love and connects people to higher truth. All prayers are powerful and work for the highest good.


The higher dimensions are beautiful and free from the pain and fear that is created in this physical realm. God bless all those involved in this tragedy.


In truth, love is all there is.


Your Heart is the Master

Can you feel the wave of Love touching every cell of your body and mind, revealing more of who you really are, allowing miracles to flow through you?

Just prior to the recent Equinox the Universe began to turn up the volume again, embracing us with as much Love as we are willing to receive.  All that is required to align with these higher frequencies is to simply receive them.  Be in the present moment.  If there is resistance to your true magnificence at any level, then riding the waves of Love can be a little uncomfortable and some may feel this to be a period of chaos as inner pressures build but this is just a reminder to let go. This supportive energy is aligning you with truth.  Remember that you are not your life situations, you are life itself, eternal and whole.  Simply BE and allow Love.

Your Heart is the Master.

This morning’s sacred poetry through my heart:


a billion stars reflect

the jewel of the heart

resounding eternal joy