First Full Moon

An emotional watery full moon in Cancer may have temperatures running high for some people due to old energies rising and the stirring of deeper emotions that this causes. The opposing Capricorn energy may cause inner conflict between masculine and feminine energies as the more deeply rooted issues surface for release and healing during this first full moon of 2014. (04.53 GMT 16th January UK)

Issues, particularly longstanding ones, within relationships or family have an opportunity for release now.  If you are aware of these energies working within, know that you are being asked to honour your feelings. Your feelings tell you what is right for you and bring directional information.  It is a time for release through peace and love.  All the necessary celestial alignments are here for you to take back your power from any emotional overwhelm to being in a place of deeper understanding and love. A time of great revelation through identification and release is here during this lunation leading the way for the greater balance between the feminine and masculine that this year brings.

As you are emptied, connect to the mother energies and nurture yourself with loving care.  A cleansing and purifying shower or crystal bath is beneficial; bless your water acknowledging your own knowing of the power it has to heal.  Drinking water you have blessed also purifies you physically.

The New Earth energies are joyful and all are supported in this new energy.  Many are still confused and trying to maintain 3D living within a new 5D Earth vibration. If you have already worked and released a great deal of the old deeper patterns in previous years then the new vibration is much more easier to experience.  Since the Solstice I have felt a great speeding up of this beautiful energy.  I feel joy that so many more people have began to awaken and open their hearts to truth. Aligning with these expansive Universal energies is wonderful; the joy of simply being while doing is here for all who are ready. Presence is the new way of being on Earth.

This is a great time of healing and the energies for 2014 are uplifting and beautiful. Many more people will begin to hear nature calling them this year.  Connecting with nature is a requisite in the awakening process and is part of the healing journey.  Disconnection from nature brings disconnection from higher consciousness and causes mental, physical and spiritual illness.  Nature loves unconditionally. All truth is to be found in nature and she waits patiently for all to remember.

After a thirteen month interlude, I was guided to co-create a new Soul Light Essence during the recent Winter Solstice which contains light codes through this gateway. The Essence is called Enlightenment and will be available for purchase soon.

With full moon peace and blessings

Sacred poetry through my heart:

Together now
He listens to her heartbeat
Synchronizes his own
The call of a distant drum
Leads the way home

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Soul Light Essences …
One to One Consultations…

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